Are Christians really uneducated, brainwashed, and hateful? How should we respond to all the rock throwing?

Below are just a few quotes from Pastor Mark’s focus groups taken from his new book “Christians Might be Crazy.” Pastor Mark wanted to take time today to tackle how to handle Christian stereotypes.

“Christians don’t have any education. They’ve gone to high school. They haven’t done any college, so conversion for me is very negative. It means uneducated. It means somebody who is not a deep thinker… just a sheep.” –  Woman from Boston, Massachusetts

“Christians are uninformed, uneducated… and not thinking for themselves. They’re just following organized religion instead of thinking for themselves.” – Man from Phoenix, Arizona

“Christians are very brainwashed by [Christianity] and hypnotized by it, and they don’t necessarily mean to be hateful or intolerant… They’re not as smart as me. I think a lot of it is just how they were raised, and it is a cult thing.” – Woman from Austin, Texas