A Regular Newsletter About A Regular Guy Who Had A Regular Week

When folks sign up for a weekly newsletter there is pressure to try and have at least one epic, newsworthy thing to share each week.

Perhaps you feel the same pressure on social media? You know – needing to keep feeding the “beast” that is your account with clever photos, pithy statements, and the impression that your life is way more exciting than the truth that you had the flu, no longer have jeans that fit, and lost your car keys. It’s tough to have 52 amazing things a year happen in the right timeframe for one to land on each week. It’s what that old band Queen meant with that song “Under Pressure”.

In full disclosure, Here is what did not happen this week in my life:

When I was a kid, people said I could grow up and be anything. So, I chose to be six feet tall or more. I’m still hoping for a growth spurt to propel me to six feet tall, but it did not happen this week. It may happen next week, so keep your fingers crossed. And kids, remember that you can be anything when you grow up.

I did not go anywhere exotic, unless of course you think Chic-fil-A is exotic because they have that Polynesian flavored sauce.

I did not get a great haircut that makes me look younger with something other than a Shrek sized head. I did however get a haircut, and it’s either crooked or I’m leaning like that landmark in France.
On the other hand, I did accomplish the following things this week, and you are welcome to mail me your applause in a standard sized envelope:

I gassed up my truck without spilling gas on my flip flops. It was nice to not have my hairy feet smell like gas all day. That’s a win for me, and a very big win for my feet.

I accidentally ate nearly an entire bag of kettle corn. I did not mean to do this, and it truly was an accident. I sorta feel like a victim. While standing in line as my kids waited for a ride at a carnival, my wife asked me to hold a full bag of kettle corn. Before I knew it, most of the bag was gone. I honestly don’t know exactly what happened. I think the false trinity of crunchy, salty, and sweet has some sort of hypnotic effect. To confirm this will require more research and kettle corn. I am determined to investigate this thoroughly and report my findings for the sake of public service, with some sort of very official looking graph or pie chart. In advance of my findings, you are welcome.

I took a good nap. It was not my best nap, and I think I can nap better. Like an athlete devoted to the pursuit of perfection, I will gear up and try for my best nap ever next week. I really appreciate everyone’s support in this effort. I cannot do it alone, and you are the wind beneath my wings.

Lastly (which means I still have more things to say, but I want you to keep reading), despite these high profile accomplishments, I was honored to start work on a concept to serve young men next year. I got to prepare a Bible podcast, commentary, and Bible study on our meaningless life from Ecclesiastes. I got to return a small mountain of ministry email, including serving many pastors asking for help (please just thank your pastor this week as they’ve likely gotten more punches than an old speed bag at the gym). I also got to work on some other projects that will be released in due time. In addition you asked for the posting of all sermons from 2007 on 1 Corinthians, and preparation is underway. A free ebook called “Who Is God,” answering common questions about God from theology and philosophy, is coming out soon. We are also gearing up to start daily email devotionals around Thanksgiving, so thank you to everyone who has signed up for that. Lastly for real as the kids say, God came through in a big way for our family this week. God is a great Father, and I am happy to report he is still taking great care of his kids.

Pastor Mark


Meaningless Life? Part 12, “A Soul Pit Stop: Ecclesiastes 7:15-8:1“, is available today. Check out all of  Pastor Mark’s new series here.

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