Content Update: Vintage Jesus Parts 1-5

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

We want to sincerely thank those who have been praying for and supporting us as we work to get Pastor Mark Driscoll’s past and future Bible teaching online. This week we have added parts 1-5 of the series, “Vintage Jesus: Timeless Answers to Timely Questions”.

Some two thousand years after he walked the earth, Jesus Christ is still a hot topic. And with all the crazy, cooky, and confused message about Jesus that have permeated both the church and culture in recent years, the truth about his character, nature, and work has not changed. So what exactly is the truth about Jesus Christ?

That’s the question the series Vintage Jesus seeks to answer by breaking it down into a number of sub-questions about Jesus, including Is Jesus the only God? Why did Jesus come to earth? Did Jesus rise from death? Why should we worship Jesus? and others. Nonbelievers and new Christians looking to sit down and delve into the topic of Jesus, asking the toughest, most confounding questions they can think of, will find solid, biblical answers presented in a relevant, accessible way in one of Pastor Mark’s most popular sermon series of all time.

These sermons are available now.

We will continue to work on bringing Pastor Mark’s archived content back online in the coming months. We will also be posting some completely new content, and will continue to notify you when it is added to the site, so stay tuned.

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