Divine Appointments in the Great Nation of Texas

Pastor Mark was on the road this week, traveling for a number of speaking events. Check out this week’s video update from Pastor Mark, delivered from the great nation of Texas.

What’s coming soon…

  • You asked for it! In February we will be re-releasing the content of Pastor Mark’s 1 Corinthians series. Check out the sermon archive for this content, and dozens of other sermon series.
  • Sign up for the Daily Devotion series! Last week we started our series “It’s All About Jesus: A Christian Theology.” We’ll be covering the essential topics of the Christian faith in Daily Devotion format.
  • We’ll be releasing a recommended reading list from Pastor Mark in the next several weeks. This includes numerous categories, books, and topics. If you have ideas for additional books, send us feedback at [email protected].
  • Next week, we’ll be giving away the eBook “Who is God” for free at MarkDriscoll.org. We’ll notify all of our newsletter subscribers, but be sure to tell your friends who may be interested to stop by the site and download a copy.

From around the blog…

  • God at Work – Check out our series sharing how God is using Mark Driscoll Ministries to change lives. The latest update shares encouraging stories from Doug, T.J., Fraser, and Bram.
  • Paul the Forgiven – This Sermon by Pastor Mark Driscoll was preached at James River Church in Ozark, MO, on June 7th 2015.
  • Relationships Define Your Life – This sermon by Pastor Mark Driscoll was preached at Muldoon Community Assembly Church in Anchorage Alaska on September 6th 2015 at their evening service.

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