God’s Word at Work | Part 10

Hebrews 4:12 tells us that,”…the word of God is living and active…”

Here at Mark Driscoll Ministries we are committed to helping get the soul saving, life changing, eternity altering word of God out to the world. Sometimes, people are kind enough to email us and let us know how the Holy Spirit used Bible teaching in their life. We know that any good that happens is by God’s grace and for God’s glory, and we love hearing about both. These testimonies we receive are incredibly encouraging to us and give us opportunities to pray for people and rejoice at God’s work in their life.

So, we thought it would be fun to share some testimonies of God’s Word at work in people’s lives. After a long week, some good news goes a long way.  We hope and pray these testimonies cause you to thank God, pray for people, and enjoy God’s word for yourself as you share it with others. Lastly, THANK YOU to everyone who supports this ministry!

This week we are sharing some good news from pastors and ministry leaders:

  From Doug,

My wife and I attended the marriage conference you did…2 or 3 years ago. It was excellent and we learned a lot that we shared with couples we were working with in the newly married ministry to blended families. 


From T.J.,

I wanted you to know how much you have influenced and helped shape me as a man of God, husband, and church planter. Thank you. Your sermons have been a great resource for me


From Fraser,

I became a Christian shortly after turning 18 in 2012 and I came from an almost non-Christian home. Only a month after begging God to step into my life, I accepted an invite from an acquaintance who felt Holy Spirit led to invite me to church. From that day on I’ve been serving Jesus and will be doing so for the rest of my life. My entire family is saved and love going to church. After a few weeks into being a Christian, I joined a small group and started to learn. And in this time I started listening to your 10 commandments series after stumbling across it. I then went on to listen to your Ephesians, Acts, Malachi, James and now Ecclesiastes podcasts. Throughout this time, especially in my early days as a christian, your ministry…cultivated a love for learning the bible, and putting God and his word into the centre of my life.I now teach the Bible weekly to new and seasoned christians, initiated and maintained my churches podcasting program and serve on a huge number of ministry teams in our church. I just graduated from a biomedical science degree and one day hope to teach the bible and heal the sick, spiritually and physically, as a missionary in the places in the world that desperately need the gospel


From Bram,

  Hope to see/hear you preaching again! Too long ago, my life really changed by your preachings!  My dad is an elder at a church in Holland, he uses your sermons too sometimes, we’re looking forward to hear your words about Jesus again!!

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