God’s Word at Work | Part 2

Hebrews 4:12 tells us that,”…the word of God is living and active…”

Here at Mark Driscoll Ministries we are committed to helping get the soul saving, life changing, eternity altering word of God out to the world. Sometimes, people are kind enough to email us and let us know how the Holy Spirit used Bible teaching in their life. We know that any good that happens is by God’s grace and for God’s glory, and we love hearing about both. These testimonies we receive are incredibly encouraging to us and give us opportunities to pray for people and rejoice at God’s work in their life.

So, we thought it would be fun to share some testimonies of God’s Word at work in people’s lives. After a long week, some good news goes a long way.  We hope and pray these testimonies cause you to thank God, pray for people, and enjoy God’s word for yourself as you share it with others. Lastly, THANK YOU to everyone who supports this ministry!

This week we are sharing some good news from dads.

From Michael,

…my son who is turning 25 on August 18 sure liked your style of preaching a few years back he and I would listen to the podcast sermons on iTunes . He is an adult leader on our church youth group starting this year.

From a first time father,

“I’m so glad to see that soon Pastor Mark will have many of his resources available again. Mark’s life and ministry have been an amazing blessing to my life for many years, we continue to pray for his life, his family and his ministry.”

From Adam in Australia,

“Thank you Pastor Mark for so much helpful, entertaining, very insightful, edifying, life changing, Biblical and Christ-centred content.”

A husband and father from South Africa says,

“I am a South African Christian man who has benefitted immensely from listening to your teaching and preaching and I thought it may encourage you to hear from me.  I have walked with Jesus for the past 34 years and He has blessed me and strengthened me through many trials, for which I thank and praise Him.  I owe Him my life, my business, my beautiful wife and kids, and above all my salvation.”

From Matthew

I am a…father of 4 from Northern Ireland. I  was brought up in an evangelical Christian home and have carried this faith on into my own family life. Just over two years ago I realised that I was heading very quickly into alcoholism, my marriage was strained, my business was suffering and I was distancing myself from my children. God intervened in my situation. I confessed my hidden sin to my wife and embarked upon rebuilding all aspects of my life through her love and support, and the grace of God. At this time I started to listen to your…podcasts. For these I owe you a huge debt of gratitude. Your teaching showed me aspects of Gods loving and forgiving character that I had never accepted. Through your biblical teaching God was able to rebuild me, my marriage and my family. I thank your for your dedication to the unshifting truth of the gospel.

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