God’s Word at Work | Part 9

Hebrews 4:12 tells us that,”…the word of God is living and active…”

Here at Mark Driscoll Ministries we are committed to helping get the soul saving, life changing, eternity altering word of God out to the world. Sometimes, people are kind enough to email us and let us know how the Holy Spirit used Bible teaching in their life. We know that any good that happens is by God’s grace and for God’s glory, and we love hearing about both. These testimonies we receive are incredibly encouraging to us and give us opportunities to pray for people and rejoice at God’s work in their life.

So, we thought it would be fun to share some testimonies of God’s Word at work in people’s lives. After a long week, some good news goes a long way.  We hope and pray these testimonies cause you to thank God, pray for people, and enjoy God’s word for yourself as you share it with others. Lastly, THANK YOU to everyone who supports this ministry!

This week we are sharing some good news from women, many of whom are young.

From Morgan,

I started to click around and found a video titled, “Why Jesus Creates Sex.” I am thinking, “This a pretty bold title! What is this? Should I even click on it?!” Hesitantly, I read the description and realized it was about marriage and dating as Christians. The video forever changed my life!!!! In that short 2 hours, I learned so much about what a Godly, Christ-centered relationship should look like. I was so moved by everything in that video I think I watched it 15 times over the next two years! 


From Britt,

In 2013, my husband and I were going through a very difficult period in our lives, nearly divorcing. By listening to your podcast series on Real Marriage we were able to rebuild, on a solid foundation this time of Jesus. You introduced my husband to the Lord in a way he could understand and relate to, and for that I am so very thankful! Listening to that series was better than any marital counselling we could ever go to! I pray and thank God for you and your family often. Please keep doing what you do!


From Jemma,

Dear Mark and Grace

So pleased to hear you are preaching again. We remotely linked into your real marriage course a while back and were hugely blessed by it and other sermon series. In fact our marriage and our personal walks with Jesus were blessed beyond measure in part through your preaching and we wanted to just send you an email to say thank you. We are praying for you both and your children as you go through the current changes and believe God will use everything you are experiencing for your good. Keep going we are cheering you on from the sidelines as I’m sure many other brothers and sisters are too


From Jessica,

Shortly after we were married I took a job as a “coach” at.. a residential treatment program for sex trafficking survivors and though they only have a home for girls now, I worked at the home for women during that time. Some of these women, ranging in age from 18-40, had been trafficked and others were engaged in unhealthy behaviors (drugs, stripping, prostitution etc.) and the root of the problem was almost always due to childhood sexual abuse. It definitely opened my eyes to the darkness of the world and God grew me up so much during my time with these women. It was an extremely challenging time but incredibly rewarding. These women had absolutely no idea what a healthy relationship with a man looked like and definitely had no clue about God’s design for sex and intimacy. With the permission of my clinical director and other therapists, they allowed me to lead the women in a class where we watched the Peasant Princess and discussed it afterward. For the women and myself, there was laughter, lots of crying, and more than anything else there was hope. For the first time these women realized that there is such a thing as a healthy relationship and regardless of their story God still had a plan and a future for them. They all bought into the lie that they were damaged goods and not worthy of a relationship that honored God but this series taught them just the opposite. I watched them say to themselves, “wow maybe I really could have a relationship like that.” Did they become healed on the spot, turn to God and away from their unhealthy behaviors? Of course not, but a seed was planted. It’s been almost 4 years and some of them that I keep in touch with will still reference it and are holding on to the hope that their bodies can be used in a sexual way that is honoring to the Lord. Now that is so AWESOME!

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