It’s All About Jesus! Daily Devotionals with Mark Driscoll Coming Soon…

Thank you to everyone who supports this ministry with prayer, giving, and encouragement. As we continue to increase the ways to get Jesus-centered Bible teaching out, I wanted to make you aware of what is coming next.

The plan at present is to launch Daily Devotionals very soon. Thank you to everyone who sent in some good ideas for what to name this. It is something that I hope to continue doing for a long time and here is the plan:

It’s All About Jesus! Daily Devotionals with Mark Driscoll 

If you register here we will send you a free email once a day, Monday through Friday. It will contain Jesus-centered Bible teaching that you can read in a few minutes.

We will start with a holiday themed series of devotionals intended to help you keep the birth of Jesus on the forefront of your mind and in the center of your heart. We will simultaneously re-release the ebook, “The Boy Who is Lord,” with a nice holiday themed cover.


Together, we will walk, verse by verse, through the first few chapters of Luke’s gospel examining the birth of Jesus Christ.

You will be given the opportunity to download the free ebook, where you will find all of the daily devotionals in a readable book format, as well as additional free Bible teaching and questions for personal or group study. If your small group or family wanted to do this together, the format should work well.

I’m very excited to start this new ministry because it allows me to do to things I love – teaching and giving! Thank you to everyone who will use this new daily devotional ministry, and those of you who will invite others to also sign up for It’s All About Jesus! 

Once the holiday season is over, we will continue daily devotionals, which are part of a very big project that I will let you know about once we get closer. In the meantime, your prayers and support are appreciated as we continue to add new ways to get Bible teaching out to more people.

On the home front, the family is doing very well. Grace and I continue to meet with new friends, and the Phoenix valley is filled with some loving and kind pastors. There is a network of wonderful ministry leaders here, and we are grateful for those who have been ministering faithfully for many years and have welcomed us like extended family.

Pastor Mark


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