Our Epic Alaskan Adventure and Ecclesiastes Part 6

Building relationships in Phoenix

This week was very fruitful and enjoyable by God’s grace. For starters, I was honored to be invited to spend a few hours with a network of pastors and ministry leaders from around Phoenix.

Pastors Leaders meeting 1  Pastors Leaders meeting 2

Pastors Leaders meeting 3  Pastors Leaders meeting 4

The time was spent building relationships and answering questions pastors had, mainly around the topics of friendship with your spouse, learning through experience, and spiritual fathering. I met some wonderful people who helped me better understand the Valley, and were also very welcoming and encouraging. It was a refreshing time together for which I am thankful.

Pastors Leaders meeting 5

One highlight from the day was being prayed for by a man who God saved many years ago while I was preaching. He has since become a godly and growing husband and father. He happened to be in Phoenix on business the day of our gathering and dropped by to join us.

Off to Alaska

Later that day, Grace and I caught a late night flight to Anchorage, Alaska. We were immensely blessed to spend some time training the church staff on Saturday, followed by the opportunity to preach at the church on Sunday. It was very enjoyable to teach on the theme of community, as the church leadership is presently focusing on connecting people relationally to Jesus and one another. After a wonderful trip filled with great people, we hope to return to Alaska some day from America’s basement, “the lower 48”. We plan on releasing the morning and evening sermons in the next few months.

Making the trip even more special was the fact that it was Grace’s birthday weekend! She’s the gift from God to the kids and I. We were grateful to get some time together exploring the beauty of Alaska. We saw some wildlife, and took a float plane trip over the glaciers which reminded us of God’s amazing glory.

Alaska Trip Float Plane  Alaska Trip Bull Elk

I am deeply thankful for the friendship we share, and that after 28 years we still enjoy being together as much as possible.

Coming this week

This week I will be meeting with more pastors from around Phoenix to build friendships. I will also teach at a men’s leadership conference north of Phoenix. If there is still space available, you are welcome to join us, and details are here.

Additionally, I want to sincerely thank everyone who has been praying for and supporting this ministry. I’ve been reading your encouraging emails, responding to many of them, and thankful for those who are enjoying our road trip together as we study the book of Ecclesiastes. In addition to new Bible teaching, we continue to bring back previous Bible teaching that has been offline for a while. Lord willing, in the very near future, we will also be posting the 10 part series from Philippians preached in 2007, titled “The Rebel’s Guide to Joy.”


Ecclesiastes Part 6

Lastly, today Ecclesiastes called “Meaningless Life? Part 6, Drop Your Phone in the Lake”, is available. My hope is to spend some months taking a road trip, verse by verse, together through this winding and confusing book. This will include an informal audio podcast, blog based Bible commentary, and small group questions.

Pastor Mark Driscoll

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