Pray Like Jesus Endorsements

Below are endorsements that have been submitted by local, national, and international pastors and leaders with praise for “Pray Like Jesus”.

Prayer time between a father and daughter is precious. By writing about prayer from their individual perspectives, Mark Driscoll and Ashley Chase have given us a unique look at how Jesus prayed and what it means for His followers today.

Jimmy Evans

Founder and CEO of MarriageToday

As a child of God, prayer is one of the most crucial elements to walking in an intimate relationship with our heavenly Father. And Jesus is our ultimate example of what real prayer looks like and how it brings us closer to the Father. That’s why I’m so excited about Pray Like Jesus, a new book written by my good friend, Mark Driscoll, and his daughter, Ashley Chase. Coming from different upbringings, they each offer their own unique perspective on prayer and how it’s a simple yet powerful way to talk and connect with God.

Robert Morris

Senior Pastor, Gateway Church

Bestselling Author of The Blessed LifeBeyond Blessed, and Take the Day Off

Here’s a book that actually explores prayer theologically and practically, a rare find indeed. And it does so in way that will benefit anyone from the novice to the prayer warrior. Using the analogy of a godly relationship between a father and child, Mark and Ashley set the context of prayer. And then, using the prayers of Jesus, they reveal the practice and patterns of prayer that make praying like Jesus a reality, instead of an unobtainable aspiration. This is a book that needs to be on your bookshelf or tablet.

Larry Osborne

Pastor and Author, North Coast Church

Pray Like Jesus is a book about how to have a meaningful prayer life, written by Pastor Mark Driscoll and his oldest daughter Ashley. Pastor Mark and his daughter use their relationship as a model for how easy and uncomplicated our relationship with our Heavenly Father can be. If prayer is an area you’d like to grow in, pick up this practical, relational and life-changing teaching about the ways that Jesus prayed and how to get to know God as our Father.

Craig Groeschel

Pastor of Life.Church and New York Times Best Selling Author


Foundational. Encouraging. Helpful. Mark and his daughter Ashley’s relevant perspective reminds us that our identity as a child of God isn’t achieved—it’s received. It’s a gift from our perfect heavenly Father who desires to be in relationship with us. Pray Like Jesus challenges us to reframe our perception of prayer by providing connections and context of Jesus praying throughout the story of God. This message will help you posture your heart towards prayer and reclaim your identity as a fully loved child of God.

Louie Giglio

Pastor of Passion City Church, Founder of Passion Conferences


The lovely combination of father and daughter writing a book together has resulted in one of the sweetest, soundest and yet simplest books you will ever read. The benefit is not only edifying reading but a sense of the presence of Jesus. What a testimony in our day of broken relationships that a father and daughter could produce such a book!

Dr. R.T. Kendall

R.T. Kendall Ministries 


I’ve been privileged to serve as a lead pastor for over three decades, but my greatest joy in life has been in being a husband to Judith, father to three sons, and now grandad to two tiny humans. Every other accomplishment in life and ministry pales in comparison. Therefore, I picked up Pray Like Jesus, with a lot of interest. The beauty of this book not only rests in the revelation of God expressed by the authors, but in their relationship with each other. Mark and Ashley use engaging stories interspersed with powerful truths from Scripture to reshape how we view prayer. You may think enough has been written about prayer, but Mark and Ashley’s unique perspectives on the topic and the engaging nature of this book make it more than worth a read.

Terry Crist

Lead Pastor of Hillsong Phoenix

God is a good Father. Understanding this truth is liberating. Applying this truth in prayer is utterly life changing. Mark Driscoll and his oldest daughter, Ashley, lead us to see God the Father from the most reliable guide: Jesus. When we pray as Jesus prayed, life opens up and deep wounds are healed. Pray Like Jesus will take your prayer life to a completely new season of power and freedom.

Brandon Thomas

Founding and Senior Pastor of Keystone Church (TX) 

Mark Driscoll is a huge gift to the Church with a ministry that has touched the lives of millions, and I am thrilled to see that legacy expand through this book written with his daughter, Ashley. Pray Like Jesus is both insightful and practical in ways that will help you build a stronger, more vibrant prayer life. You won’t just want one copy; you’ll want to grab extra copies so that you can get them in the hands of everyone you know!

John Lindell

Lead Pastor of James River Church

It was a defining moment for us as parents. We were standing in my kitchen with Team Driscoll, circled in prayer, dedicating our new home to the Lord. Mark simply said, “Let’s bless this home, kids.” We bowed our heads. No awkward silence. No pulling teeth. One by one his kids jumped in with heart-felt, personal prayers over me and my family. I was deeply moved and resolved then and there to teach my young kids how to pray like that. This book is a biblical and practical overflow from a family who knows how to pray.
Josh and Sharon McPherson

Pastor of Grace City Church (WA) 

I’ve never met a Christian who didn’t struggle with prayer. We tend to wonder, “Am I doing it right? Am I praying often enough? Does God really care?” Even when you know the theological answers, it’s hard to accept the practical implications. Pray Like Jesus is exactly what we need. It offers straight-forward answers to our complex inner struggles. Pastor Mark and Ashley bring beautiful perspective and insight to this common area of angst. Prayer doesn’t have to be hard. Just do it like Jesus! I wholeheartedly recommend this book!

Ryan Visconti

Lead Pastor of Generation Church (AZ) 


“Prayer is not something you have to do. Prayer is something you get to do.” That is one of my favorite quotes from the Mark Driscoll and Ashley Chase book, “Pray Like Jesus.” It is an inspiring privilege to listen in on a father and his daughter discussing how to talk with the Father. The section on father-wounds and how those hurts diminish our prayers was especially enlightening. Plus, the book offers solutions. This is a must read for fathers, but also for anyone who wants to take their prayer life to the next level. It is simple and brilliant. JD Pearring

Director of Excel Leadership Network

Perhaps the greatest question among Christians today is, “Why aren’t my prayers being answered?” Mark Driscoll and Ashley Chase provide great assurance in this new book, helping the believer understand and recognize God’s movement through prayer, and then trust His will as a result. The section detailing the “Who, What, How, When, and Where of Prayer” is especially helpful in building our relationship with the Spirit. Prayer is more than simply asking God for stuff; it is about trust and obedience. Mark and Ashley have given us a great picture of this direction!

Dallas Bivins

Professor of Ministry Leadership and Director, Gateway Seminary (Arizona)

My immediate response Pray Like Jesus to was delight to see a Father/Daughter book on prayer. My delight grew as I read the stories of their relationship and their very different lives as a backdrop for their book. It is both an expositional and a devotional book. The insights into the prayer life of Jesus and us as His followers are profoundly transforming. As you read and follow their lead, your prayer life will grow in likeness to that of Jesus.
Gerry Breshears, Ph. D.
Professor of Theology, Western Seminary, Portland, OR 


Like eating healthy or exercise, prayer is one of those things we know we are supposed to do, but somehow we never seem to get around to it. What if we learned to see prayer differently? In their book, Mark and his daughter Ashley remind us that prayer doesn’t have to be just another obligation. It can be full of joy, as we learn to talk to our Father who loves us.

Greg Surratt

Founding Pastor of Seacoast Church


While many books on prayer look to Christ’s example, Pray Like Jesus spotlights the relationship between our Heavenly Father and His only Son. Mark Driscoll and his daughter Ashley Chase draw on their individual experiences as well as their roles as parent and child with compelling results. Their book will not only inspire you to pray more often but also to still your heart and listen for God’s voice.

Chris Hodges, Senior Pastor of Church of the Highlands
Author of The Daniel Dilemma and Out of the Cave

This father and daughter duo, Mark and Ashley, have written a guide to prayer that flows out of the closeness of their own relationship. It’s a fresh and accessible word about God’s children talking with their Father. Practical, meaningful and heart-felt. Don’t miss out on their inspiring message.

Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott

#1 New York Times bestselling authors of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

Prayer is the key to knowing God as our Father, our friend, our protector and our provider. In a time when many people are living in fear, Mark and Ashley’s book illustrate how we can live by faith. They show us how to build a relationship with God through prayer that allows us to overcome adversity and triumph in life. I’ve known the Driscoll family for years and I love the way they work together to increase the impact of the Kingdom of God on earth.

In a time when many people are living in fear, Mark and Ashley teach us how we can overcome adversity through prayer. I know they live this life personally. They have built a wonderful church here in Arizona and work tirelessly to share the good news of Jesus Christ. I’m thankful to know their family and see the fruitfulness of their lives. I recommend that you learn to Pray Life Jesus so you can follow in their footsteps of faith.

Mark Buckley

Lead Pastor of Living Streams Church


What a blessing to see the power of the father and daughter team on such a life changing topic! PRAYER. Teaching our kids to be prayer-driven moves them to the next level of seeing and experiencing God’s goodness in their lives. Read and apply and witness the transformation in our sons and daughters.

Dr. Greg Jantz

Founder, The Center – A Place of Hope


Prayer is what connects our Heavenly Father’s heart with our own, and while most Christians recognize they should pray, the practicals of how, what, where and when can make a seemingly simple practice feel complicated and overwhelming. In Pray Like Jesus, Pastor Mark and his daughter Ashley show us a Biblically based approach to prayer presented through the beautiful lens of their own father-daughter relationship. Prayer is meant to connect us to the heart of the Father, and Pray Like Jesus will help show you the way.

Jimmy Witcher

Senior Pastor of Trinity Fellowship Church 

All too often we can take the idea of prayer and make it really complicated. In this unique book we see how our perception of God is often shaped by our view of human dads. Leveraging the dynamic of father and daughter, Mark and Ashley provide timeless wisdom that helps us connect with God, and with one another. Along the way, they illustrate what a blessing it is to have a direct line of communication with our Heavenly Father, no matter what our relationship may look like with our earthly one. I’ve known Mark for years and everything he writes is really good. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Ashley is an amazing author as well.

Bil Cornelius

Lead Pastor of Church Unlimited


I’ve had the privilege of befriending Pastor Mark and seeing his family up close. He is an even better Father than he is a theologian. Pray Like Jesus combines the truth of Scripture with the tenderness of family. His oldest daughter coauthors the book, adding authenticity about praying to a Father of unfailing love. This book is a rare gift, showing with practical clarity how to approach the Father through the model of his son, Jesus.

Mark Moore

Teaching Pastor of Christ’s Church of the Valley, Phoenix 

Pastor Mark Driscoll writes a very moving, personal and practical book that will inspire us to consistently pray . We learn that we can approach the Father with the assurance that He loves us and enjoys fellowshipping with us the way He did with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Bishop Joseph Mattera

Mattera Ministries International 


Sadly, most Christians have put prayer in the cupboard, bringing it out on “special” occasions like family gatherings or when life moves into crisis. Mark Driscoll and Ashley Chase fantastically open the cupboard, dust off prayer, and help us to discover a forgotten treasure that will become the centerpiece of our lives!

Linn Winters

Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship (Arizona)


I have truly enjoyed reading “Pray Like Jesus”. As a pastor I have read dozens of books on prayer and so many times you come away with a sense of your failure and shortcoming in this area of your life, but not with this book. I loved the relational aspect that it emphasizes about our communion with our Father God. The teaching is solid, but in no way condemning, but saturated with the grace of God. The book gives insight into the prayers of Jesus, building a solid foundation for a life of prayer. The father, daughter team of Mark and Ashley do a great job of intertwining their relational aspect with our relationship with God our father. A true life-giving book on prayer.

Chris Richards

Senior Pastor of Vino Nuevo (El Paso)

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