Real Men: Daniel #3 Notes & Small Group Questions

To help you study the book of Daniel in a men’s group setting, each week we will post notes and small group questions from Real Men men’s ministry based on that week’s sermon on the blog.

10 Traits of Real Men: Daniel Chapter 3

1 draft horse can pull their weight, 2 draft horses pulling together can pull 3X weight

If you pair an untrained draft horse with a trained one, they learn by pulling together

We are better if we stick & pull together

  • One of the most important days of my life was yoking together with men as a new Christian at my first ever men’s event/retreat
  • I found fathers for examples, brothers for the journey, & God spoke vision
  • The most important things I learned in college had nothing to do with college

Daniel is about men who God helped as they walked unified in the Spirit

  • I hero – God
  • 2 main characters – Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar
  • Cast of characters – all of Babylon, Daniels 3 friends

= Case study in what kind of man you want to be & who you yolk with

Nebuchadnezzar                                                    Daniel and friends

  1. Rules his kingdom from fear                          Serves God’s Kingdom in faith
  2. Fights for control of future                              Faith in God’s control of future
  3. Tries to use God for his plan                         Let’s God use them for His plan
  4. Emotionally unstable                                       Emotionally healthy
  5. Professional not personal relationships       Professional and personal relationships
  6. 300,000 on his side                                         3 + God on their side
  7. Demands to be worshipped                           Delights to worship God
  8. Ruled by the Spirit of Babylon                      Ruled by the Spirit of God
  9. Put people in a furnace                                   Stands with people in a furnace
  10. “Win” at life, lose at death                              “Lose” at life, win at death

Discussion and Prayer 

  1. Who is your Nebuchadnezzar?
  2. Who is your Daniel?
  3. Who are your Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego’s?
  4. How can we pray with/for you today?
  5. Do you need a Bible?

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