Real Women – The High Priestly Prayer

John 17, “Pray Like Jesus” Chapters 7-9

Setting: talking to disciples, walking, stops to pray, right before betrayal

1. 17:1-5 // Pray for Yourself

    1. GLORIFY – accomplished work of glorifying Father on earth -> back to heaven to be glorified
      1. What is His work for me? Generally (a missionary), Specifically (?)
        1. Busyness is sometimes Satan’s distraction
        2. Reevaluate priorities (marriage, kids, ministry, job, family, friends, etc.)
      2. ETERNAL LIFE – knowing God and Jesus Christ
        1. Luke 17:20-21
        2. Jesus speaks in third person of himself – His current role on earth but not His eternal identity as Son

2.  17:6-19 // Pray for Christians (those who believed that Jesus was sent by God, those given to Jesus by the Father, still in the world)

    1. Keep them in your name, from evil one – all but Judas
    2. Joy despite persecution – in this world you will face trouble!
      1. “If you don’t like conflict, must be liked, must be approved of, and don’t want to suffer, you can’t do Jesus.”
    3. Sanctify them in truth – read the Word
    4. That they may be one – unity
      1. Requires living in community, asking people for prayer requests
      2. Pray in person for them
      3. Art, reading passages over people (replacing name)

3. 17:20-26 // Pray for Non-Christians (those who will believe through Christian’s word)

    1. Glory -> unity – shared experience, Holy Spirit, about Him not us
    2. Beloved – as Father loves Son
    3. In heaven – wants to be with them!, 2 Peter 3:9
    4. Made known the Word…and will continue to – prayer helps us persevere

Questions (page 30 of study guide):

    1. Do you ever pray for yourself? Why or why not? In this passage, what does Jesus pray for Himself that you can learn from?
    2. What is our mission corporately as the church? What has God specifically sent you to do? What does that look like practically?
    3. Why does Jesus pray for our keeping and protection? What is trying to take you away from Him in your life?
    4. Are there any non-Christians you know that you have given up on evangelizing and praying for? How can you soften your heart toward them (and keep praying)?

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