Summer is Here, Fathers Day, and Most Importantly Thank you For the Encouragement

Driscoll Family Update

This week marked the end of baseball season for all the boys. Gideon’s (9) team won the championship after losing only one game all season. I tried to get a photo, but because he hates having his picture taken, he always puts his hand up. Subsequently, I have an impressive gallery of photos of his hand at various ages and locations around the globe. Calvin (13) pitched a few innings in his team’s last tournament and they won a double header. With summer officially here, we are now transitioning to whiffle ball season at the house. Zac (15) is hanging out with friends and bowling. Yes, our older kids like to bowl and shop at thrift stores as they prepare for retirement.

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For Father’s Day some friends rented a suite at the Mariners game, so we joined a few families that we love and enjoy to celebrate and fellowship. Afterward, we took my pops out to dinner following his day at a car show with his El Camino.

Lastly, thank you for the emails and prayers from those who have been encouraging us. I have shared some of them with Grace and our kids, and they appreciate the kindness. Here are a few of our favorite from recent weeks:

From Igor
“Dear Pastor Mark,
I just want to express my gratitude toward your Family and you.
I started listening to your podcast when you were beginning the Trial Series. I was 17 years old then.
Your sermons and theology shaped me as a new follower of Christ and helped me see and understand our Lord Jesus much deeper. My best friend and I enjoy our Saturday nights where we come together and listen to your sermons and leadership teachings. They are of huge help, along side your books that my friend and I enjoyed reading.”

From Mitchell
“Hello Mark!
I’m a part-time missionary who works for Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ). I’ve always enjoyed your sermons and zeal for speaking truth and the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I’m just wrapping up your ten commandment series and have enjoyed them greatly! Mark, you have many gifts. Preaching and leading lost people as a pastor is one of them. You speak boldly and unashamed. I’m confident that the grace of God will continue to teach and humble you as a person and brother in Christ. I have faith in you. I hope to see you leading a church in the future! “

From Cynthia
“Greetings, It Is delightful to hear positive things regarding your family (congratulations to Ashley) and to hear you preaching for Jesus publicly again. It is always convicting to my heart! I pray for you as the Lord brings you to mind.”

From Sean
“Great to get these updates! Praying for you and your family.”

Pastor Mark continues to read your emails of encouragement and prayers that you send to [email protected].

New Sermons Online

This week we have added additional parts of the series, “Luke: Investigating The Man Who Is God.”
We will continue to work on bringing Pastor Mark’s archived content back online in the coming months. We will also be posting some completely new content, and will continue to notify you when it is added to the site, so stay tuned.

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