Win Your War Foreword – R.T. Kendall

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The book you are about to read is very unusual. In fact I know of no book quite like it. You will find it easy to read; it will grip you from the beginning. But you may not be prepared for it. And yet if you are a Christian, you will be edified and thankful for a book like this. If you are not a Christian but are open to what is reliable and trustworthy, this could be the instrument that will change your life—forever.

I met Mark and Grace Driscoll in Dallas for the first time a year ago. Various Christian leaders wanted us to meet. They said that Mark and I had a lot in common—being Word and Spirit men: Reformed in theology but open to the immediate and direct work of the Holy Spirit. I knew about Mark’s ministry in Seattle, Washington, and that he moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Mark and Grace flew to Dallas to meet with me and others. I listened to Mark as he recounted what he and Grace had been through in recent years. Seldom have I run across a couple who have suffered as they have. I was stunned by Mark’s candor and transparency. I will never forget the look of utter devotion on Grace’s face as she sat next to her husband as he answered our questions. There is nothing more painful than the withholding of vindication. And yet God is at the bottom of such—which Mark and Grace know full well.

It is precisely their suffering that has prepared them for the making of the book you are about to read. This book was not written in an ivory tower—separate from the real world—as some are known to be. Mark and Grace have lived through what they write about. It is quite theological but immensely practical. You will be confronted with strong truth but blessed with simple and clear ways such truth can be applied in your life.

I have learned a lot from this book. I used to think I would write a book one day on angels and demons. But that is one aspiration I will permanently drop! Their book is better than I could have written.

Satan has one of two wishes for all people, namely, that either you would not believe in his existence at all or you would go overboard and give him undue attention. This book strikes a prudent balance between these extremes. You will come away with the conviction that the demonic world is very real—yes, but you will learn that the power of the blood of Jesus Christ is infinitely greater than Satan’s lies. Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4). But what impressed me even more is the sense of sin and a realistic view of human nature that emerge throughout the book. This book puts to rest any notion of the goodness of man—a worldview that has too long deceived humankind.

Win Your War is a team effort. Mark and Grace have given us a book that will enable you to overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil. But not in your own strength. It is because Christ overcame Satan at the cross!

—R. T. Kendall
DPhil, Oxford University
DD, Trevecca Nazarene University
Senior Pastor of Westminster Chapel for Twenty-Five Years
Author of More Than Sixty Books, Including Total Forgiveness


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