15 Ways King Jesus is Different Than King Nebuchadnezzar

At the end of Daniel 4, the mighty Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar, the most feared ruler on earth and most frequent ruler in the Bible, exits the story after dominating for decades. One of the central themes throughout the Bible in general, and Daniel in particular, is the battle between the king and kingdoms of the earth and the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, who rules the Kingdom of God that is coming to destroy and dismantle all other kings and kingdoms. Christians should be incredibly and eternally grateful that our King is not like other kings, as revealed in these 15 ways King Jesus is different than king Nebuchadnezzar:

  1. Other kings are proud, but our King Jesus is Humble.
  2. Other kings conquer people and makes them slaves; our King Jesus conquers Satan and sets people free.
  3. Other kings need our help; our King Jesus needs no help and helps us.
  4. Other kings try to change the future; our King Jesus controls the future.
  5. Other kings are empowered by the demonic spirit of Babylon; our King Jesus is empowered by the Holy Spirit of God.
  6. Other kings rise up to look down on us, but our King Jesus came down to lift us up.
  7. Other kings rule from fear, but our King Jesus rules from love.
  8. Other kings are selfish and cruel, but our King Jesus is selfless and compassionate.
  9. Other kings do not repent or forgive, but our King Jesus forgives those who repent.
  10. Other kings make their kingdom with human hands; our King Jesus has a Kingdom not built by human hands.
  11. Other kings are worshipped by people who are forced to worship them; our King Jesus is worshipped by people who freely worship Him.
  12. Other kings put us in their fiery furnace; our King Jesus goes with us into our fiery furnace.
  13. Other kings pray for their kingdom to come, our King Jesus taught us to pray, “Thy Kingdom come”.
  14. Other kings die and stand before our King Jesus.
  15. Other kings are not ruling today and will not be ruling tomorrow, but our King Jesus is ruling today and coming tomorrow to rule forever.

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