Are You Making Progress?

“Strive for peace with everyone, and for the holiness without which no one will see the LORD.” – Hebrews 12:14

So far, we’ve looked at Samson’s test of salvation and the test of sensitivity to the Spirit. Today, we will discuss the test of personal holiness. Personal holiness is becoming more like our Heavenly Father. When we look at Samson, part of the misery in his life was his lack of commitment to personal holiness. He was born with specific instructions from God to be set apart through the Nazarite vow. We discussed this vow last week but, to review, the Nazarite vow involved refraining from drinking alcohol, eating unclean foods, cutting hair, and touching dead bodies. How did Samson do with these four commitments? He did terribly and did not keep even one of them. 

This specific vow (referenced in Numbers 6) is a personal call to holiness and every one of us as God’s children has a personal call to holiness too. The vows that God gives us are found in the Scriptures where God speaks about our money, our marriage, our sexuality, our attitudes, and our words. The Word of God either plainly or principally speaks to us about everything in our lives. So, how are you doing with your commitment to personal holiness? Are you sensitive to the power and presence of the person of the Holy Spirit? Are you making progress with your moral character?

The culture in which we live today is going down, but God wants us to go up to Him, not down with this world. God wants you to be a better person in 10 years than you are today. The Christian life should be a constant pursuit of growth, repentance of sin, and a growing commitment to personal holiness.

Tomorrow’s test will be intended for men, as it is the test of women. 

How are you doing at pursuing growth in your walk with the Lord, repentance of sin, and personal holiness?

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