Be Thankful for What You Have

As Jesus started feeding the hungry and healing the sick, it is no surprise that His popularity exploded. Before long, massive crowds were following Him wherever He went. On one occasion, five thousand men, in addition to women and children, gathered to sit on the grass and hear Him preach in one of the most beloved Bible stories.

In John 6, the story is recorded about the lunch box of a little boy. With the crowd growing hungry, there was no food for miles. So, a little boy gave his lunch to Jesus. The kid was poor as only he had the cheap kind of bread (barley) and a few small fish that were likely closer to sardines than salmon. Then, John 6:11 reports, “Jesus then took the loaves, and when he had given thanks, he distributed them to those who were seated.”

Have you wondered why Christians say grace before they eat a meal? It is because that is the example Jesus set. Before feeding five thousand men, in addition to the women and children, Jesus said grace before the meal.

When we say grace before we eat, we are thanking God for what we have. Christ was thankful for a simple lunch menu intended for a poor little boy. Christians are likewise to be thankful for whatever God provides. This attitude of gratitude helps combat against such things as entitlement, greed, and ungratefulness.

Take a few minutes today and just thank God for the things He has provided in your life.

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