God Does Big Things with Little Things

When our five children were little, I would read them a kids Bible story each night before bedtime. As the kids became familiar with various stories, they started to have their favorites that they wanted me to read all the time.

Before long, a theme emerged. The kids liked the stories in which God used a little person to do a big thing. Josiah was a great king even though he was a young boy. The shepherd boy David took down the mighty Goliath with a few little stones. God entered the world through the likely teenage girl named Mary.

Do you ever feel little?

The good news is that God does big things with little things.

In John 6, there is one legendary example of this life lesson. There, a little boy hands his lunchbox to Jesus. Jesus takes the few cheap loaves of barley bread and fish that his momma had packed for snacks and multiplies them with enough food to fill a Costco. No less than five thousand men, in addition to women and children, eat until they are full. All of this was made possible because of a little boy with a little lunch and a little faith. It just goes to show that God does big things with little things.

How have you seen God do big things with little things in your life?

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