Does God Make Mistakes?

“This God–his way is perfect; the word of the LORD proves true…” – Psalm 18:30

Yesterday we talked about the way our radical culture is hurting young people. Today we’re going to dive a little deeper into this culture war.

If you look at the LGBTQIA, the alphabet soup people, there’s a group that’s trying to add in an “M” for “minor-attracted persons.” We used to call them pedophiles. Apparently, Satan got a marketing firm and rebranded this idea. Minor-attracted persons are adults who are attracted to children. To paraphrase, Jesus said these people should get free millstone jewelry and a one-way boat trip to the middle of an ocean. (Matthew 18:6) 

The world is telling our children, “God didn’t make you a boy. God didn’t make you a girl. And if He did, maybe God made a mistake and He sinned against you. So, we need to undo the error God has done, and you need to go explore your gender. To atone for God’s sin, we are going to cut your body and shed your blood to remake you and fix God’s sin of making you the wrong gender.” As Christians, we need to say three things. One, “No!” Two, “No!” Three, “Hell no!” God tells us who we are. God made us in two categories: male and female. Jesus atoned for our sin against Him by shedding His blood; we do not atone for His sin against us by shedding our blood. 

Whenever I talk about men, triggered fools say, “You hate women.” I actually married one, and I have two daughters, and at the time of writing this, I have a granddaughter on the way. I actually find women more enjoyable than men, to be totally honest with you. They smell better, they’re pleasant, and they tend to be more relational. 

So, I’m not anti-woman. Just because I’m for men doesn’t mean I’m against women. As we say at Real Men, “We build men up to bless women and children.” Since half of abortions are taking the lives of females, young women are getting sexually assaulted in record numbers, and we are encouraging men to shower in women’s locker rooms after crushing them in sports, I would strenuously argue that our woke world is not warm toward women. 

But you need to know that this war on sex and gender is for your children, and it’s for the next generation. The world is taking children and saying, “You don’t have a sex, and you’re not actually male or female. You don’t have a gender; you can be very confused.” The world is setting them up for a lot of sexual experimentation as a child. In what universe does an eight-year-old kid have a sexual identity? If a kid is eight and sexual, somebody has committed a crime. That’s not education; that’s indoctrination. Encouraging kids to explore their genitalia, along with their friends’ genitalia, is not helping; it’s grooming. 

God’s way is perfect and it’s the only way that works. We must align our identity with His way; that we were made in His image as male and female, and God doesn’t make mistakes. Tomorrow we will look at the importance of thinking biblically about sex and gender. 

Is there an area of your life where you wonder if God made a mistake? 

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