God Saved My Future Kids from Myself

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Romans 12:2 (NLT) – Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

Growing up as the oldest of five children in a Catholic family, you would have thought that I would have been pro-life like my parents and their church. Instead, I was the complete opposite.

As a child, I was curious, so I would often ride my bike a lengthy distance to our local library to check out magazines and books to learn about the world. We lived next to an airport, and as the planes flew overhead, I always wondered where they were going and what life was like in the places they landed.

As a kid at the library, I somehow stumbled across magazines and books that were pro-abortion and they caught my attention. I started reading out of curiosity but then eventually came to believe the persuasive arguments that an unborn child was not yet a full human life, that our world was headed toward overpopulation which could lead to harming or even ending the human race, that humans evolved from lower life forms, that some people were genetically less fit and a threat to the continued evolution of the human species, and that human sexuality without any constraints or restraints was an essential freedom for humanity. To me, it made sense to not encourage any constraints or restraints on human sexuality, that we should limit human population with birth control and that unwanted pregnancies, especially those with less fit offspring, should be terminated through abortion. To me, this case against life was compelling and even morally virtuous for a good humanity.

In high school where I was the Student Body President and did a lot of public speaking, in one of my larger classes, students were paired off to debate an issue and got to pick which issue they preferred. A sweet Christian girl asked to debate me on abortion. She chose the pro-life side of the debate, and halfway through our debate she burst into tears and ran out of the classroom devastated because I had burned every one of her arguments to the ground.

Around this same time, I started reading the Bible the pastor’s daughter gave me out of curiosity. It seemed every class I took at the state university was anti-Christian. Because I really did care about the pastor’s daughter who was now my girlfriend, and she had bought me a very nice leather-bound Bible with my name on it, I felt like the least I could do was read it a bit to see what it said.

I was quickly confronted with the worldview of the Bible. It seemed clear to me that, according to the Bible, pretty much everything I thought about God, myself, and life on our planet was wrong. I decided that either the Bible was wrong, or I was wrong, but that there was no way to reconcile what I had been taught and what the Bible taught.

In this season, God brought some Christian students into my life who brought me to a Bible study with their pastor who had a PhD and was a very humble and brilliant man of God. I also took a philosophy class with a professor who told us he was a Bible- believing Christian. These two men kindly started spending time with me to teach me the Bible and why it was superior to competing ideologies.

I became a Christian reading the Bible that the pastor’s daughter gave me. She knew that when we were arguing, she was right but that I would win the argument. Sadly, this is often the case as the lie wins the argument and the truth loses. She knew that if she could get me to argue with the Bible instead of other people, I would lose my debate with God and His Word. She was right.

What is your view on abortion? If you don’t believe it’s a sin of murder, I would encourage you to pray that God would help you to see this issue in a new light. 

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