Is Sex God, Gross, or Gift? Part 1

Song of Songs 1:16a – Behold, you are beautiful, my beloved, truly delightful. 

This is an excerpt from the new book “Real Romance: Sex in the Song of Songs”. To purchase the book, click here, and to access the sermon series that accompanies these devos and this book, click here

Who or what sets your identity, demands your allegiance, floods your mind, and takes priority in your life is your functional “god.” If this is anyone or anything other than the God of the Bible, it is idolatry. What often happens is that we take a good thing, like sex, and make it a “god” thing, thereby making it a bad thing. The result is sexual sin and addiction of any and every sort. This explains why people keep having parades about sexual sin, for which they should be having funerals.

Being married to someone who sees sex as god is difficult because you feel that they don’t care as much about your soul, heart, or mind; what matters most to them is your body. This can lead to feeling neglected outside the bedroom and used inside the bedroom. The relationship sadly takes a back seat as the orgasm is almost always in the driver’s seat.

When both people see sex as god, the marital relationship is quickly rolling down a steep hill toward the cliff of sexual sin. When both the husband and wife have too liberal sexual boundaries and out-of-order sexual priorities, and they do not help one another avoid temptation, any perversion is possible. The passions of sex are like a fire, and marriage is the hearth that God created to contain it. Whenever it is taken out of the hearth of marriage, sex starts burning down our relationship with God, marriage, family, health, and culture. This explains why there is gender confusion, sexual experimentation, pornography, friends with benefits, sex trafficking, prostitution, strip clubs, robotic sex dolls, sexual addiction, pedophilia, bestiality, fornication, adultery, swinging, sexual assault, and tragically much more.

Do you tend to see sex as god? Pray with your spouse or for your future marriage that God will give you a right view of sex as a gift.

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