Is Your “Helping” Actually Hurting?

“…they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator…” – Romans 1:25

We continue our “Act Like a Man” series this week and today, we must address the need to protect our kids from our current radical culture. This radical culture is driven by sexuality and perversion where we reinvent gender, mutilate the body, and attack God-given biological sex. I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Michael Miller, the former head of plastic surgery at Ohio State University (1). On his first day on the job, the first surgery he was assigned was a transgender reassignment surgery. He couldn’t perform it because he’s a Christian. If the Great Physician made you a man, a human physician has no right to come in and mutilate your manhood. 

Dr. Miller ultimately had to leave his job because he wouldn’t perform these kinds of surgeries. He says you can’t change someone’s sex; it’s physically, and anatomically impossible. But you can fake it. You can try to create genitalia that are of the opposite sex, but it’s not the same. There’s not the same pleasure; there’s not the reproductive possibility; there’s not the natural function of creation. You can pump a body full of testosterone or estrogen, but it’s still a male or female body that is now under attack from foreign substances for the rest of the person’s life. We are not fully aware of what the emotional, mental, spiritual, or medical toll may be long-term.

We have tragically created an experiment on a whole generation of young people. Especially young men. They’re confused, they’re pressured, they’re culturally bullied, and they’re in harm’s way. The result is, for kids who walk this path, it gets darker and darker. The CDC, by no means a bastion of right-wing conservatism, has documented that emerging generations have record levels of mental health problems, depression, and suicidal ideation. It’s like we are having kids drink anti-freeze, are shocked when they aren’t healthy, and then decide we need the government to step in and make more anti-freeze for them to drink. (2)

The more we encourage this kind of gender confusion, the worse things get. Our “helping” is actually hurting. Kids don’t need to just be loved; they also need to be led. There is incredible cultural pressure to cave to this gender cult. Each year, there is an entire month – Pride month – devoted to these gender-confusing demons. Curiously, pride is the root sin that caused Satan’s Fall, (Ezekiel 28:17; 1 Timothy 3:6) and our Lord Jesus is repeatedly said to be humble, which is the opposite of pride. (Matthew 11:29; Mark 10:45; Philippians 2:5-11) I’m Irish, and we have St. Patrick’s Day, so we get one day where you drink green beer, pat a leprechaun, and that’s about it. But Pride and Tolerance demons get a whole month. If a Christian accidentally goes to Target that month, they will see every aisle just preaching conversion to something other than God-given sex, gender, and sexuality.

At the end of the day, it may just be that people are hurting themselves, and if you really love them, you tell them that they’re hurting themselves and that other people are lying to them. When you’re working in your God-given sex, gender, and sexuality, you’re working according to God’s divine design, and you’re not fighting gravity and trying to row upstream against your Creator. Instead, you’re working with gravity and flowing in God’s grace. Repentance is like turning your canoe around and rowing downstream with God instead of upstream against Him. Come back tomorrow as we continue to address the culture war on our kids. 

Is there anyone you know who is struggling with their sexuality? Take some time to pray and ask God to reveal His truth to them. 



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