Make the Last Day as Good as the First Day

Song of Songs 3:11 – …on the day of his wedding, the day his heart rejoiced.

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As [Solomon and Abbi] approached their wedding day, they had numerous frank and private conversations about their wedding night and life together. They have been honest about their fears and their hopes. Now, the time has come for them to begin their new life as “one” as God intended.


Looking in the distance, eager for his arrival, she notes that her soon-to-be husband is arriving in a custom-made chariot constructed with special timber from the woods of Lebanon along with gold, silver, and purple fabric, which was the most rare and expensive color dye in the ancient world. This is an over-the-top princess wedding that all her girlfriends would be stunned by and speaking about for years to come.


While the wedding day is important, it is not the most important day of your marriage. The most important day of your marriage is the last day, not the first day. Couples commonly invest an incredible amount of time, energy, and money into their first day. Detailed plans are made, and everything is purposefully organized. While this is great, it can be in vain unless you have the same commitment to planning the last day of your marriage.

Looking into the future, will your last day of marriage be followed by a divorce, or will you still be married? Will your last day of marriage be a lonely one filled with remorse and regret or a lovely one filled with rejoicing and remembering? 

Tragically, many couples begin with good intentions and end with bad results because they fail to walk continuously with God. The marriage of Solomon and Abbi had the worst possible last day despite the most incredible first day. 

If you’re married, remember what your wedding day was like and remember why you fell in love in the first place. If you’re not yet married, what do you want your wedding day to be like?