Our Story from Friendship to Love

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Song of Songs 1:4 – How right they are to adore you!

In every romantic relationship, there comes a time when it transitions from a friendship, where you are getting to know one another, to the butterflies in your stomach, can’t stop thinking about one another phase, and the eventual walk down the aisle to do the kind of stuff Marvin Gaye sings about.

When did this pivot from friendship to romantic relationship happen for you and your beloved? As we settle into our marriage and years or even decades pass, it’s good to remind ourselves of how and why we fell in love. What was this like for you? For your beloved?

Grace and I met at the age of 17 at a large public high school. Although she was only five weeks older than me, she was a senior when I (Mark) was a junior. Her lifelong friend sat in front of me in a class, told me all about Grace, and introduced us. I knew about Grace but did not really get to know her until we had our first phone call and went out on our first date. Driving in my first car (a 1956 Chevy), I was so nervous to meet her pastor father and mother that I drove around their block a few times, mustering up the courage to face whatever awkwardness was required to spend time with her. Within a couple of weeks or months of spending time together, I knew that she was my dream girl. So, I bought her a jewelry box as a gift and told her my plan was to put an engagement ring in it one day. Grace has been the girl I cannot live without since the day we met, and after Jesus Christ she is the greatest blessing in my life. If she were not in my life, everything would be different, and nothing would be better.

Mark was popular in high school, but I (Grace) was shy. When I heard he wanted to talk to me, I couldn’t believe it. I was nervous, but he had a reputation of being nice to girls and protective, so I was interested in what that was like after being in a harmful relationship. He called me, and we talked very naturally for three hours on a phone that had a cord (back in the 80s)! From there we spent our dates getting to know each other, laughing, and building a friendship. I didn’t believe him when he told me “I was the one,” because I thought he was too good for me, but it all eventually came together as God planned.

If you’re married, think back to how you met and maybe even have a fun date night looking at old pictures from dating, honeymoon, or your wedding.

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