Sometimes You Just Need A Word from God

The more you read the Bible and learn about the Kingdom of God (what life will be like when Satan, sin, and suffering are no more), the more frustrated you can be. Paying your taxes is really frustrating when you know there’s a free place for you to live in God’s house complete with streets paved in gold (since apparently there’s so much wealth they had to find something to do with it). Imagine experiencing perfect health, enjoying perfect relationships, and eating the perfect taco.

In the days of Malachi, God’s people were sick of being sick, poor, harassed, and being on what seemed like the losing team every season. They wanted Jesus to show up, flip the handle and flush the world, and then start over. If you have ever been frustrated and fed up, broke and battered, or sick and scared then you know how they felt. In their hearts, conversations, and pulpits, they were accusing God of failing them. The people of God are hurting and their painful questions for God have turned into sinful accusations against God.

Lovingly, patiently, and perfectly, the Father showed up and took the time to build the relationship and build up those who felt beat up. It just goes to show that sometimes you just need a word from God. Nonetheless, they get a word from God in the form of the book of Malachi where 85 percent of the verses are God speaking and answering false accusations about Him failing them.

How did they get a Word from God? They were given the Word of God. In Malachi 1:1 the book is called “The oracle of the word of the Lord to Israel by Malachi.” Did you catch that? Malachi is “the word of the Lord” delivered “by Malachi” who God calls, “my messenger” (3:1). It is Malachi’s voice, but God’s words. God wrote the mail and Malachi is just the mailman. The point is simple but profound. God speaks to us firstly and mostly through the Word of God.

How is your Bible reading going? If you had to pick one issue/struggle/question that you are needing to resolve what would it be? Where can you start studying the Bible for that purpose?

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