Taking Care of Your Spouse from the First Day to the Last

Song of Songs 4:7 – You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.

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Years ago, someone we knew well began sharing with us the final season of their father’s life. Their mother and father had been faithfully married to one another as Christians for more than 50 years. Their dad was diagnosed with cancer, and despite every medical effort, his prognosis became terminal with no hope of recovery barring a miracle. He was determined to run through the finish line of his life, love his wife, and set an example for his grown children and grandchildren.

Despite being in pain and losing strength and health bit by bit as his last day on earth approached, this man was determined to bless everyone in his family, starting with his wife. To bless her, he had a new roof put on their house, hired contractors to do any and all possible home maintenance, and bought her all-new appliances. He knew she could be living without him, so he did all he could to reduce any possible burdens upon her.

He wrote out all his passwords and financial information so she could easily pick up on the bill paying and financial organizing he had taken care of throughout their marriage. He made sure his life insurance was paid up so she would be financially secure. He prayed with her every day. He also recorded a series of videos for her in which he relived all the best memories she had given him and all the reasons he was blessed by his wife. He recorded similar videos for all his children and grandchildren, along with Scriptures and prayers to place a blessing over them.

This man made sure that the last day of his life was an incredible day for his wife and set an example of marriage for his children and grandchildren. Some months following his death, on their wedding anniversary, his wife was surprised to hear a knock on her door. A floral delivery person brought her a gigantic bouquet of flowers with a hand-written note from her deceased husband. He paid to have flowers delivered to her every year on their anniversary and penned hand-written notes to be delivered with the flowers. This man not only loved his wife every day of his life but also every day of her life. Even after he died and went home to be with the Lord, this man loved and blessed his wife. His example is an encouragement and the model we want for our marriage and for yours. 

If you’re married or not yet, how can you prepare your spouse or future spouse for the day when you’re no longer there to care for them?