The False Prophecy of COVID-19

2 Timothy 1:7 – …for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

There is always a conflict between God and government because God declares and decrees that He is the highest authority, and that the only authority that government has is derivative from God. Romans 13 says that government gets its authority from God. But what government wants to do is be the highest authority, thereby removing and replacing God. 

We hear the word “fake news” in our day and the biblical language for that would be “false prophecy”. A false prophet is one who says something will happen and causes a spirit of fear to come among the people so that they give up their liberties and stop worshipping God. The issue is, what they’re told is a lie and it doesn’t come to pass. 

In the story of Elijah, the government closes all the churches and sends forth false prophets to keep the churches closed. In our day, the exact same thing happened just a few years ago. 

In 2020, our government hired a bunch of false prophets to tell us that the end of the world was coming unless we stopped going to church, school, and work and surrendered all our liberties and rights. A spirit of fear gripped planet Earth. 

For the first time in world history, the church of Jesus Christ was closed. All the churches were closed, and COVID-19 was a series of false prophecies that were promoted by the government.

If you’re older, you have co-morbidities, or you’re in a high-risk category, you should for sure keep yourself safe. This is no different than at any other time in history or with any other disease. 

For the rest of us, we don’t need cratered mental health, devastated churches, increased government dependence, and historic debt that we hand to our children and grandchildren.

We need dependence on God, not government. The government always tries to use false prophets to replace God with the authority of government. This is not political, this is biblical, and what happens in the Bible steamrolls everything because God has authority over all.

Where have you given in to a spirit of fear that God needs to replace with a spirit of faith? Ask Him to do just that in your life. 

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