The Truth about Truth and Why I Cannot Be a Young Asian Woman

No matter what social, moral, or political issue erupts next, one thing is sure – it will be nearly impossible to figure out what really happened once it makes its way through the media and social media. We’ve all become hardened, jaded, and skeptical of anyone or anything claiming to tell us the truth.

Christians have long held something philosophers called “The Correspondence Theory of Truth”. Simply stated, truth is that which corresponds to reality as the truth exists to bring us to reality. Those who deny the truth are not dealing with reality.

For example, I am an older Irish male. That is the truth and it corresponds with reality. If I told you I was a young Asian woman, that would not be true because it does not correspond with reality. Even if I felt in my heart that God made me the wrong age, ethnicity, and gender, the truth is the truth and reality is reality – no matter what the college professor with a degree in suppression says. In the context of sex, gender, marriage, and sexuality, Romans 1:18 says, “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.”

The suppression of the truth means that most people’s problems with the Bible are not mental, but moral. It is not that we don’t understand what God says, but that we don’t like what God says. In our age of Critical Theory that is all about finding power, criticizing who wields the power, and destroying the person holding the power to then dismantle the system they build and transfer the power to someone else, the original Greek word for suppression is incredibly prophetic. The Arndt Greek-English Lexicon defines it as “to prevent someone from exercising power.”

Consider for a moment that the truth and the lie are people caught in a fight to the death and you walk up to side with the lie to drown the truth until it dies. This is what suppression looks like – actively holding the truth down until it dies of drowning. Today, this happens with everything from hashtags to riots, protests, misinformation, character attacks, educational curriculum, movements, networks, fake news, and social media throttling. This is how we exchange God’s truth about reality for the lie we prefer. In the end, this is all demonic as Satan is the Father of Lies according to Jesus (John 8:44), and when we choose lies, we are engaged in a spiritual war against God trying to change reality by suppressing the truth. Most of the time, this is all done so we can deny the sex, gender, and sexuality God created us for and create our own lie-based alternatives, which is exactly the entire point of Romans 1:18-32 where sex becomes the new religion seeking to drown Christian faith.

Is there any truth from God you are suppressing about your life, beliefs, or behaviors? 

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