What is a Man’s Second Most Important Decision?

“And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with a decree of utter destruction.” – Malachi 4:6

Yesterday, I told you men need to get a job. Today, I want to encourage you men to get activated for your family. A whole generation of feminism says, “We don’t need the men.” Yeah, you do. God, in His divine wisdom, brings children into the world through a man and a woman, and they’re supposed to raise that child together because the child needs a mother and father who are husband and wife.

For the single guys, you really need to think through the second most important decision you’re ever going to make – i.e., who will be your wife? The most important decision is who’s your God. You need Jesus, but then you need a wife. When you’re picking a wife, don’t just think about a good time, think about a good legacy. Don’t just ask if she’s good in bed. Ask if she’ll be good at raising your children and loving your grandchildren. And don’t overlook godly single mothers who are widows, have had a bad man walk out, or have made some mistakes but have come to Jesus and repentance and could be a wonderful and loyal wife and mother. 

Finding a woman who loves God and children is getting increasingly more difficult. A research survey discovered that “…over half (57%) of young men without children say they want children one day, while a smaller share of young women without kids (45%) said the same.” (1) One poll found that one in four young adults has decided that they will never have any children. (2)

In Malachi, God rebukes men who do not want to love their wives and raise their kids. He says, in effect, “You know what? You married her and got her pregnant, but you don’t care about her, and you don’t care about your kids. You married a gal who drives you crazy, and she doesn’t love the Lord, so now your kids don’t love the Lord. You just punched your own legacy in the face.” 

If you’re a husband, father, or grandfather, your investment and involvement in your family is an economic, academic, social, spiritual, and moral blessing for generations. There’s no such thing as a perfect earthly father, but the presence of a father who is trying is a miracle. Your Heavenly Father will honor and bless that effort. When someone gets married, we should celebrate that. When a child is born, we should rejoice in that. When fathers are activated and take responsibility, that’s a blessing to women and children for generations. Come back tomorrow as we look at the verse that got me kicked off TikTok. 

Who are some of the best fathers you have known? What made them great dads? 

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