What is life on earth supposed to be like?

Genesis 1:1,31 – In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.

It’s hard to imagine, but there was a time that everyone and everything on our entire planet was perfect. The opening chapters of Genesis reveal that when God was done with His work, everything was healthy and everyone was happy.

Something has obviously gone terribly wrong. The reason is rebellion from human beings and angelic beings against God and all that God has made. Together, we have unleashed terror on all that was made perfect by our Creator. Consider for a moment what it would be like to have a:

  1. Perfect relationship with God and other Divine Beings including angels
  2. Perfect access to Heaven and earth
  3. Perfect relationship between your body and soul
  4. Perfect job under perfect work conditions
  5. Perfect mental/emotional health without any hint of sin or shame
  6. Perfect relationship with others, starting with spouse
  7. Perfectly blessed by God in every way
  8. Perfect dominion over creation with all of creation to explore and create in
  9. Perfect health leading to perfect human flourishing in every way
  10. Perfect rest for your body and soul

This was God’s original design plan for the world that He has made. Despite all we have done through sin, He has a plan to redeem, rescue, and restore it all through His Son. God has not changed His plan, which is good news for us to know. In the next few daily devotions we will explore in detail how God’s plan is to get us back to the original plan He had for us to live in His Kingdom, enjoying His Creation, on this planet in our bodies. What you have heard about Heaven is probably a lot more about how to get there than what it will be like when you arrive, which is what we will be focusing on.

Which of the ten things listed above do you most long for?


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