Why Aren’t Young Men in Church?

“So then each of us will give an account of himself to God.” – Romans 14:12

When you go to church, oftentimes, you don’t see a lot of men. Statistically, 60% of churchgoers are women, and the least likely person to go to church is a young single man. Who needs church the most? A young single man. So why aren’t they in church? 

Historically, what has happened in our nation has also affected the Church. In many generations, like during World War II, young men left the country to go to war. There were almost 13 million active-duty military, which was around nine percent of the whole population going to war. War took the young men out of the country and placed them under strong male leadership with brotherhood who had a battle. 

Meanwhile, back at home, who’s left in the Church? Women and children. We love women and children, and they also need to be in church, but the church no longer had strong young men. So then, the women in the church decide they’re going to run the church. All of a sudden, church starts to look like women decorated it. Since there are few men in church during war, all the programming is for the women and children. So, they hire an older guy who isn’t off at war to be the pastor. He’s retired, and he’s kind of like a really kindhearted grandpa who’s going to love women and children. Then the men who return from war walk into what feels like a feminine environment, it sounds like a feminine environment, and it seems like it’s for women and children. The men of the Church left and never came back. 

True or false: Can women feel comfortable in a masculine environment if it’s not angry or aggressive? True. Can you take your girlfriend to a sports bar? Yes. Do comfortable, healthy, heterosexual, normal men feel comfortable in a profoundly feminine environment? No. I’ve never seen a healthy guy ask his gal, “Can I go to the nail salon with you?” If you’re that guy, you need to know, with the full love of Jesus, you are a weirdo. Women will go to a nail salon, but men won’t go. Women will go to a sports bar with men. But what the Church did was create an environment that works for women and children but repels men. This explains why boys making the move into young men leave the church as well. Churches need to be places where men feel welcome and women and children feel safe and blessed. Otherwise, we will continue to have thriving ministries for women and children but not men. This is one of the greatest urgent crises in the church today. 

God is a Father; Jesus Christ is the Son of God. To be a true man like Jesus is to be tough and tender, lion and lamb, worshiping the Father with daily decisions, sacrifices, and service, as well as singing songs.

What 1-2 areas do you need to grow in as a worshiper of the Father? 

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