Why Some Parents Cheer and Other Parents Cry on the First Day of School

When our five kids were little, the first day of school was always traumatic…for their mom and me. We would walk the kids into their classroom, get them all set up, and then go sit in the car and weep. Meanwhile, the kids were fine.

I was recently out running errands and overheard a curious conversation regarding the starting of school this week. One parent said, “I’m so glad summer is over. I hate having the kids around all the time”. In response, another parent said, “Really, I love having the kids around all the time and get sad when school starts”

Some parents endure their kids. Some parents enjoy their kids.

Making matters worse, the parents were having this conversation in front of their children. Some of the kids heard that they were a blessing, while the other kids heard that they were a burden.

God wants His people to enjoy their kids. Psalm 127:3 [NASB] says, “Behold, children are a gift of the Lord”. In an age where birth control and abortion are considered preferable to boys and girls, we need to remind ourselves that life, especially little life, is a blessed gift from God. And, the point of any gift is that the giver of the gift wants the recipient of the gift to enjoy the gift.  If you are a parent, this means that your child is a gift from God for you to enjoy.

Did you feel like your parents enjoyed you as a kid?

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