Friendship: A conversation with Susan Thomas (Part 1)

Friendship: A conversation with Susan Thomas (Part 1)

SEPTEMBER IS FRIENDSHIP MONTH for REAL WOMEN with blogs, Dear Grace videos, and testimonies

This is part 1 of a conversation on friendship with Grace’s friend Susan Thomas. Susan and her husband Brandon pastor Keystone Church in Keller, Texas.

Susan  is a gifted teacher and leader, and she enthusiastically exercises these strengths at Keystone. A licensed counselor specializing in women and marriage, Susan holds a masters degree in counseling, a 20-year counseling practice, and even enjoys acting as a ‘counselor’s counselor’, speaking at various professional conferences.

In addition to teaching, leading and counseling, Susan has written extensively. Her women’s bible study curriculums have encouraged and inspired women all over America.

Brandon and Susan have been married since 1998, and they have three daughters and a son.

Grace Driscoll