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Spirit-Filled Jesus explores the role of the Holy Spirit in and through the life of Jesus, presenting new insights and their applications for you. Learn how to emulate Jesus’ life, powered by the Holy Spirit. 


This book prepares you to fight in the spiritual war by equipping you with tools to protect five key areas: your relationship with God, your identity, your family and friends, your church, and the world.


Mark and Grace Driscoll will tell you why it is time to put fun back into Christian fundamentals with exciting information about Bible-based, red-hot monogamy. 

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The Bible is our highest doctrinal authority. The following biblical beliefs serve as our confession of faith. Other churches and ministries are welcome to also use this confession of faith if they so desire.

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Yes. Pastor Mark serves as the founding and senior pastor of The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Please go here for more information.

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