Will the HAMAS Spirit Trigger the end times?

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War in Israel: Will the Hamas spirit trigger the end times? Based on Pastor Mark’s most popular sermon ever with over 2 million views worldwide, he breaks down God’s plan for Israel in the end times, what Thessalonians says about Jesus’ second coming, and prophetic insight about Hamas and the “Hamas spirit.”

The book also includes excerpts from an interview Pastor Mark conducted with John Lovell of The Warrior Poet Society on what we should know about Islamic terrorists, what he sees happening in the near future in the Middle East, and how to be prepared for a potential attack on U.S. soil.

Whether you seek a deeper understanding of the ongoing conflict in Israel, a clearer grasp of the Hamas spirit, insights into the Biblical perspective on the end times, or how to be prepared for the end times, this book equips believers with prophetic insights for the end days.