Act Like a Man

Men, you are not the problem...

rather, God intends for you to be a part of the solution. This book will teach you how to architect your life to be the leader God intends you to be. It doesn’t matter where you are starting – single, married, father, husband, or grandpa – "Act Like a Man" will show you how to use the Father’s instruction to build a life that’s a blessing to your family and legacy.

About The Author

As the founder of RealFaith Ministries, Pastor Mark is a trusted voice in a culture desperate for strong, godly men. His teachings are not just theoretical—they’re battle-tested and immensely practical for real-life challenges. He delivers actionable advice that men can apply in their everyday lives. 

Pastor Mark’s unique ability to communicate complex truths in a relatable, down-to-earth manner has earned him a reputation as one of today’s most dynamic and influential Christian leaders. His passion for transforming lives is evident in everything he does, from his energetic sermons to his compelling written works. 

In “Act Like a Man,” Pastor Mark delivers his most powerful and timely message yet, calling men to rise up, embrace their God-given responsibilities, and live with courage, integrity, and strength. This is not just a book—it’s a blueprint for living a life of purpose and impact. 

In a world that blurs the lines of masculinity, “Act Like a Man” provides a rally cry to men everywhere to rise above the demonic cultural confusion and embrace their God-given identity.  

What you can expect.

In “Act Like a Man,” Pastor Mark takes you on a practical journey through nine powerful chapters, each designed to challenge, equip, and inspire you to become the man you were meant to be. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect: 

Each chapter is packed with Pastor Mark signature blend of hard-hitting truth, practical wisdom, and biblical insight. Whether you’re seeking to grow as a leader, a husband, a father, or simply as a man, “Act Like a Man” will provide the tools and inspiration you need to win. 

Don’t take our word for it! Here’s what people are saying about it. 

Paul Sheldon
Paul Sheldon
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I've been following your reels and talks for a little while, and I really appreciate your message on Biblical masculinity. Thank you! In an age of beta males, it's a blessing to listen to and learn from Alphas.
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Pastor Driscoll, I want to thank you for your straightforward messages and for striving to lead our young men. May God give you strength each and every day.
Dakota Miller
Dakota Miller@dakotamiller1
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I just want to thank you for your work; it's been life-changing for me. I look up to you in how I should live and raise my three sons. God bless you. Men across the world need this message.

But that’s not all! 

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Get ready to punch life in the mouth with our “Act Like a Man” companion study guide. This isn’t just another workbook; it’s your blueprint for battle. Dive into thought-provoking questions, practical exercises, and actionable steps designed to challenge you and make real changes in your life. Perfect for solo reflection or group study, this guide will help you implement the book’s principles and become the man God has destined you to be. 

2. Exclusive Video Series

Alongside the release of his groundbreaking book, you’ll gain access to Pastor Mark’s sermon series that unpacks the principles of “Act Like a Man.” This isn’t your typical Sunday sermon – it’s a dynamic, no-holds-barred series that will deepen your understanding of authentic masculinity. Enjoy the full series “Act Like a Man” and see how the sermons complement your reading, offering a bold and engaging way to continue learning. 

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Bonus: Act Like a Man Sermon Series

Watch the powerful sermon series that brought the principles of “Act Like a Man” to life! This series is designed to complement your reading and provide a dynamic, engaging way to deepen your understanding of what it means to be a godly man. You can watch the first sermon below now, and you’ll unlock the entire series when you order the book! 

Bonus Quiz: Are You A Real Man?!

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a real man? Take our quiz to find out! Answer the questions below to see where you stand on the journey to authentic manhood… and when you complete the quiz, you get instant access to the first chapter of “Act Like a Man” for free! 

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