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Resources to equip leaders include printed research briefs, sermon series help, and a podcast featuring world-renowned ministry leaders.


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Research Briefs


– Gotcha, good day. We start a brand new book of the Bible. This is my favorite thing. This is what I like to do. So thanks for joining me. And if you guys wanna put your hands together clap…

– Howdy, big weekend for Grace and I, 28th wedding anniversary this weekend. Very good. So I’m excited to be with you, and for us everything started, while we met at the age of 17, we were in high school,…

– All right, are you excited for an uplifting joyful motivating sermon? – [Congregation] Yeah. – Well then, come back next week. This one’s gonna hurt, this one’s gonna hurt like crazy. I’m just telling you where we’re going. We’re…

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