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Research Briefs


– [Narrator] Nehemiah 10, “On the seals are the names of Nehemiah the governor, “the son of Hacaliah, Zedekiah, Seraiah, Azariah, “Jeremiah, Pashhur, Amariah, Malchijah, “Hattush, Shebaniah, Malluch, “Harim, Meremoth, Obadiah, “Daniel, Ginnethon, Baruch, Meshullam, Abijah, Mijamin, “Maaziah, Bilgai and…

– [Narrator] Nehemiah Chapter 9. “Now on the 24th day of this month, the people of Israel were assembled with fasting and in sackcloth, and with earth on their heads. And the Israelites separated themselves from all foreigners and stood…

– [Announcer] Nehemiah 8. “And all the people gathered as one man into the square before the water gate. And they told Ezra the scribe, to bring the Book of the Law of Moses that the Lord had commanded Israel….

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