Research Briefs

The Ten Commandments are a foundation stone of God’s Word. Even today, they are one of the most well-recognized and quoted parts of Scripture.

As a ministry leader and a follower of Christ, you know how important and life-changing they are. But how do you teach them to those you lead?

Pastor Mark’s specially developed Ten Commandments Research Brief equips you with a deeper understanding of the Ten Commandments and gives you…

Outlines of the Ten Commandments
Reasons why the commandments are unique
Comparisons of New Testament and Old Testament usage
In-depth studies of each commandment
And much more!
Download your free copy of the Ten Commandments Research Brief today. We pray it’s a great blessing to you and your ministry!

The death and resurrection of Jesus is the focal point of human history and the very heart of the Christian faith.

Dive into the biblical and historical evidence supporting these twin theological issues with my extensive study, It Is Finished.

Taken from my larger work, Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe, this powerful resource will help you more effectively share and defend the fundamentals of the Gospel in a world being choked by relativism.

Download your free copy of It Is Finished below today. We pray it encourages you in your faith and equips you in your ministry!

How often do married Christian couples have sex? Do they masturbate? And are their marriages really as healthy as they claim they are?

In the free Christian Sexuality Research Brief below, you’ll learn the real truth about the sexual habits of Christians today. Things like…

How often Christians have sex compared to non-Christians
The correlation between masturbation and spiritual beliefs
Whether faith really matters when it comes to building healthy marriages

In addition, I also invite you to download my Real Marriage sermon series as an extra practical resource to help you address these hot-button issues.

Thank you for signing up for the Leaders List and your interest in downloading your copy of the Jonah resources below. My prayer is that the theological truths you discover in these fascinating books would encourage you as you lead others.

If you’d like to learn more about the Book of Jonah, you can also get access to my Jonah sermon series here.

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The Father Heart of God study guide is a 13-week curriculum including small group and group inductive studies based on the book of 1 John.