Understanding God’s Covenants

The Christian story begins with creation in harmony, unity, and peace; and it ends with a restored creation. In between these two “book-ends” is the drama of redemption. And the covenants are major dimensions (or acts) of this drama. The goal is to see the work and person of Christ in light of the Old Testament and to highlight aspects that we have possibly overlooked. Christ’s work is intimately related to and fulfills each of the 5 covenants (with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David) that God initiated in the Old Testament. New dimensions are brought to light when the Christ’s covenant is understood in the context of the previous covenants. Covenants are about God’s activity and intention to redeem us, and the covenants tell us about ourselves—our condition, our brokenness, our dignity, our role as images of God, our suffering, and our calling.

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  • About the Six Major Covenants in the Bible
  • Hesed as God’s Covenant Love and Loyalty
  • A Brief History of Covenant Theology

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