We are bombarded with messages from television, film, radio, iPods, email, text messages, cell phones, magazines, newspapers, books, blogs, websites, mail, and innumerable forms of advertising. Of all the things that we can know, what is the most important thing that we should know.

Our human bodies are at best weak, and at worst sick, dying, and dishonorable. Paul explains in great detail the glorified bodies that Christians will inherit from and through Jesus Christ at his return.

Paul connects idolatry and sin in a way that shows the sin in our life proceeds from our idols. That which we hold in highest esteem and devote our time and energy to is our idol(s). The human heart is an ‘idol factory’ capable of turning anything good (children, important work, sex, etc…) into idolatry.

Paul provides one of the most succinct summaries of the gospel in all of Scripture. He also speaks of our need to contend for its accuracy and contextualize for its availability, while being continually changed by its transforming power.

Paul rebukes the Corinthian church for embracing the litigious nature of their culture by regularly bringing lawsuits against one another. In doing so they harmed the reputation of the gospel in the eyes of non-Christians.

The Corinthian church leadership looked like their surrounding culture rather than leadership modeled on the suffering of Christ.

I grew up in the Northwest with a lot of trees and loggers. Loggers have particular tools for chopping down giant trees. The butter knife is not among those tools. Why? Not because it is sinful to log with a butter knife. No one ever went to hell because they were logging with a butter knife. Butter knife logging is not sinful, it’s just foolish. Some people are like butter knife loggers. They are doing a good thing in an unproductive way. They waste lots of time and energy only to get minimal results. How can you make your life more efficient? That is the question Solomon is driving at.

A Quick Word from Pastor Mark: Our oldest daughter, Ashley, is an eighteen-year-old young woman who we are very blessed to have in our life. Every week she sends us an email about what she is learning. In one recent...

Anyone and anything can be broken, taken, or forever changed in an instant. Knowing this leaves us with only a few options: Option A – you get bitter when you lose who/what you enjoyed Option B – enjoy nothing/no one so that you cannot get hurt Option C – enjoy what you have for as long as you can and when it’s gone be grateful to God for what you had