Genesis #40 – How Can You Be a Blessing to Others?

As an elderly man on his deathbed, Israel (also called Jacob) calls his son Joseph to his bedside to say his last goodbyes and give his last blessings. This is an incredibly emotional, tender, and hope filled moment. The family that had been filled with strife, conflict, betrayal, and poverty is experiencing the flow of God’s blessing. From this section of Genesis, we learn some very practical ways to be a blessing to others, starting with our family, and how to prepare for the finish line when the race of our life is done.

Trusting God in Troubled Times 

Sermon #40 – How Can You Be a Blessing to Others?

Genesis 48

God blesses us to be a blessing.

3 categories of blessing:

  • Internal (blessings of the heart, affirmations, encouragement)
  • External (blessings of provisions)
  • Eternal (blessings stored up in Heaven)


God puts us in positions of leadership in order to be loyal to him and to bless those whom you lead. 

As long as there is air in your lungs there is hope for your legacy. 

Think not in terms of a good time but in terms of your legacy. Think generationally. 

6 things your family needs:

  • Your family needs to hear your testimony 
  • Your family needs you to have a plan
  • Your children need to know how you feel about your spouse
  • Your family needs to see you worship 
  • Your family needs to hear you pray
  • Your family needs a leader


Nothing replaces the role of parents and grandparents. 

Just because you didn’t have it doesn’t mean you can’t be it. Don’t let bitterness stop your legacy. 

Singular headship. Plural leadership. 

4 focus for the finish line (as demonstrated by Jacob)

  • Be right with God
  • Do your best to be right with your family 
  • Set up the next generation (spiritually and financially)
  • Die in faith for what is next 


For the non-believer, this is as close to Heaven as you will ever get. For the believer, this is as close to Hell as you will ever get. 

Be a burden lifter, give grace, give life.

5 ways to be a blessing:

  • Physically (kisses, hugs, showing affection)
  • Verbally (pray for others, speak life over them)
  • Spiritually (worship God together)
  • Emotionally (be present, available)
  • Financially (bless others)

You may not be able to do all you can, but you need to do the best you can.

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