Birth Control

Good News #6 – What Will Work Be Like in Heaven?

Have you ever thought about if we’ll work in Heaven? In this sermon from “Good News”, Pastor Mark talks about how God working is a model for our work and that, in Heaven, work will also be restored to the perfect plan God had for it prior to the fall. Because Christians work for Jesus, our good works will be rewarded in Heaven.

Covenant and Contract

In this talk from the 2019 Stronger Men’s Conference, Pastor Mark uses Genesis as the backdrop, Adam and Eve as a case study, and spiritual warfare as a lesson on manhood and marriage.


The sixth commandment consists of two words in the Hebrew, “no” and “murder.” While the first word is not really debated, the second is. This sermon examines the meaning of “murder” in the Bible and discusses its implications for the issues of capital punishment and abortion.


Pregnant Mary walks many miles to visit pregnant Elizabeth so they can share in each other’s joy and be in community together. The baby in Elizabeth’s womb, John the Baptizer, leaps for joy when he hears Mary’s greeting, and Elizabeth prophesies that Mary is blessed. Thus, we see that a baby in the womb is indeed a baby, that children are a blessing from God, and that abortion is murder. We all, through sin, have bloody hands as murderers of Jesus, but he offers his nail-scarred hands—life for life—to save us. He died in our place for our sin, and the proper response is faith and worship, as exemplified by Mary, Elizabeth, and John.