Culture and Worldview

Are all Christians hypocrites?

People outside Christianity often see the faith not as good news but good deeds. By their definition, Christians are supposed to love people and feed people and help people—not talk about sin and repentance and Jesus. Maybe you’ve even heard someone say something like, “Christians are hypocrites because they’re supposed to love everybody, but then … Read more

How should Christians approach politics?

Even at the peak of the religious Right, Christians never formed a unified front. Christians are anything but a homogeneous voting bloc. We’re a messy mix of the entire political spectrum. And when it comes to how we engage politically, you’ll find Christians wandering down four well-worn paths: • Some fight. These folks rally the … Read more

What do Christians believe about gay marriage?

Jesus was a rabbi—a teacher of the Old Testament. In His ancient Jewish context, homosexuality was universally seen as contrary to God’s design. Had Jesus wanted to overturn the obvious Old Testament stance against homosexuality, He would have needed to make a lot of noise. But the New Testament offers ample evidence that His views … Read more

Is Your Story a Biography or a Testimony?

When non-Christians share their life story, it is a biography. When Christians share their life story, it is supposed to be a testimony. The difference between a biography and a testimony is who the hero of the story is. In a biography, there is a tendency to downplay or even dismiss the faults, flaws, and … Read more

God Gives All Authority and Leadership

In old western movies, there were good guys and bad guys. The good guys wore white cowboy hats, and the bad guys wore black cowboy hats. Life, however, is a lot more complicated than an old gunslinger show. If we are honest, even if we are believers, some days we wear the white hat, and … Read more

What’s the Key to Success? 

Life often reminds me of the first time I remember flying a kite as a kid. My entire focus was on getting the kite in the air. I kept running back and forth, as fast as I could, dragging the kite behind me, hoping it would eventually take off and soar. I don’t know how … Read more

Faith Over Fear

The appearance of Gideon, the man of God, as bread in the dream also points to the future coming of Jesus Christ, the Greater Gideon. Like Gideon, Jesus is called the  “bread of life,” is born in Bethlehem (which means “house of bread”), multiplied the bread of a boy to feed a crowd, and taught … Read more

God Shows up in Supernatural Ways

The writer Mark Twain once said something that sounds a lot like the scene we will now study in Gideon’s life, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”  The time had come for Gideon, called and anointed by God, to lead untrained civilians … Read more

Not by Our Own Might or Power, But by His Spirit

Syncretism is what happens when you worship both God and other gods, obeying some of what God says and some of what Satan says. Jesus will not allow any syncretism in Gideon’s life and does not allow any syncretism in our life. Gideon’s father was a pagan worshiping the demon god Baal and demon goddess … Read more

Why We Need to Cry Out to the Lord

The Purge is a series of horror movies based on the premise that, for one 12-hour period each year, there are no laws, people are free to commit any crime, and there are no emergency services (e.g., police, fire fighters, and medical care). During this time, people go into hiding to survive, and the evilest … Read more

What is Judges All About?

Paying attention to the following themes in Judges can be helpful in using it as a story to better understand your own heart, life, and culture. Covenant. God is faithful to His covenant people even when they are unfaithful to Him. God’s promise to Abraham, that He would raise up and provide for His people, … Read more

A Vicious Cycle

Judges is closely related to the book of Deuteronomy which prophesies the future events reported in Judges. A Bible commentary says: “…Deuteronomy most clearly expresses [God’s] covenant. Judges is then a sermon on Deuteronomy [with] lessons drawn from history illustrating Deuteronomic principles. This characteristic unites the parts of Judges into a whole. Deuteronomy 7:2 commands … Read more