Lion and Lamb

In this talk from the 2019 Stronger Men’s Conference, Pastor Mark shares how to be like Jesus – a lion for your family and a lamb with your family.

Pray Like Jesus #1 – Jesus’ Secret to Prayer

This introduction to the Pray Like Jesus series introduces Jesus’ secret to prayer, healing the father wound, and the idea of God being Father rather than master and that we, as God’s kids, should feel like son rather than slave.

Win Your Marriage War

This marriage sermon from Pastor Mark is based on the book “Win Your War” and the idea that Satan wants to break family in the seen and unseen realm but God wants to build family in the seen and unseen realm.

Should you live with someone you’re not married to?

This question comes from a group of pastors who recently visited from Slovenia for Real Men. In their country, a lot of people are living with and sleeping with their girlfriends and boyfriends. Thankfully, we don’t have this problem in America, but if you live in a place where they need more Bibles and belts, … Read more