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Welcome to RealFaith

A place for Jesus-centered teaching, devotions, and other resources from the ministry of Pastor Mark Driscoll. RealFaith is a family Bible-teaching ministry from Pastor Mark Driscoll, his wife Grace Driscoll, and their oldest daughter Ashley Chase.

Faith that does not result in good deeds is not real faith. -James 2:20.

At RealFaith it’s all about Jesus, so you’ll find tons of free Bible-centered teaching, daily devotions, classes, videos, study guides, and more, created for real people with real questions about real life with Jesus. We hope and pray that God transforms your life and legacy as you discover His Word and are empowered by His Spirit.

We’ve hit a jet stream online and are reaching more people with unfiltered, uncensored, and unapologetic Bible truth than ever before. Thanks to your support and the Holy Spirit, we are reaching millions more than we anticipated (and we planned on reaching a lot of people).  

RealFaith is growing like crazy, and we need your help to sustain that growth so we can keep reaching millions of people with strong biblical truth. RealFaith promise to you is that we will stay in our lane and keep calling the shots and taking the shots no matter what. The biggest impact is yet to come with our most evangelistic weekend of the year, Good Friday and Easter, and with your help, we want to get the message out to 10+ million people.

God is blessing us in a huge way the last month alone:

  • Bible teaching has reached 30 million people…we are trending way UP  
  • We’re partnering with Daily Wire  
  • We have churches all over the country using Real Men sermons as their Bible study for thousands of men  
  • We partnered with XO Marriage and released a book on the Song of Songs, which is exceeding all of their projections and expectations  

Real Men supports men by building them up through Bible-centered resources. Join us for Pastor Mark’s weekly lesson to men on Wednesday nights or catch up on past episodes here.

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“Politics do not give eternal life, philosophy does not give eternal life, theology does not give eternal life, only Jesus gives eternal life.”

– Pastor Mark


RealFaith has something for everyone, whether you’re married, have kids, speak Spanish, are a leader in your community, or are a new believer wondering how to study the Bible. Discover Bible-based content for your life-stage with these ministries.

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In 2016, Pastor Mark & Grace Driscoll and their five kids planted The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, AZ as a family ministry. If you or someone you know would like to visit, we’d love to meet you.