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Judges Part 2: Gideon

Leave & Cleave Workbook

At Real Men, we’re here to build up men to bless women and children. In a time where men and masculinity are demonized and demoralized, we want to be men led by the Spirit of God to have transformed lives and legacies.

Pastor Mark’s Cultural Hot Takes

A 50-year-old man identifies as a young girl. 🎩 He was allowed to compete in a swim …

Woke DEI colleges are proving to be antisemitic, anti-family, anti-ethical, and anti-Christ.

Italian woman wins court case to evict her two sons, aged 40 and 42, who …

The good old days are when your kids are living under roof, proves research. 

In 2016, Pastor Mark & Grace Driscoll and their five kids planted The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, AZ as a family ministry. If you or someone you know would like to visit, we’d love to meet you.