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These notes accompany Pastor Mark’s Real Leaders podcast “24 War-Time Leadership Lessons from 2020”.

For PDF of transcript, click here Sermon Transcripts  Learn To Love  A Study in Malachi  Pastor Mark Driscoll  Malachi #1: Learn To Love  – All right, here we are, it’s time for Christmas. How many of you are feeling the…

This "from the vault" sermon from Pastor Rick Warren on generosity appeared on the Real Faith Live show on Oct. 24-25, 2020.
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– Am so excited, brand new sermon series week one. Welcome, welcome. Welcome. We’re gonna be dealing with spiritual gifts so you can find your position on Team Jesus. We’re gonna cover a lot over the course of four weeks,…

Spiritual Gifts #2 – Discovering Your Spiritual Gift: Serving Gifts   – Welcome to week number two of the 4-week series on spiritual gifts. Let me just tell you, if you didn’t get a copy on the way in, there’s…

– Well howdy welcome to our series on Spiritual Gifts, helping you find your position on Team Jesus. We’ve looked at the fact that the spiritual gifts exist in three categories. Last week, we looked at the serving gifts. Those…

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