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Research Briefs


In the Beginning: A Study in Genesis Volume 1 This study guide accompanies the first part of Pastor Mark's sermon series in Genesis and will cover chapters 1-14. This study guide includes answers to the top 12 questions about Genesis...

10-Year Anniversary Limited Edition, "Doctrine: It's All About Jesus" This 10-year anniversary limited edition builds upon the first version, originally published in 2010. "Doctrine: It's All About Jesus" seeks to trace the big theological themes of Scripture along with the...

New Release! Christian Theology Vs. Critical Theory Everything God creates, Satan counterfeits. The counterfeit of Christian theology is critical theory. As a spiritual virus that spreads much more quickly than a physical virus, it has already infected and affected academia,...
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Ask Pastor Mark

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– You are brand new. We’re so glad to have you. And we’re in a great book of the Bible called James, it’s written by Je… We got one guy excited. That’s good, it’s a start. May it continue All…

– Wow! Happy fifth birthday! What a great day! We’re so glad to see you. We’re so excited to have you. God’s been faithful for five years, and we’re fired up! Amen? And we get to do one of my…

– Am so excited, brand new sermon series week one. Welcome, welcome. Welcome. We’re gonna be dealing with spiritual gifts so you can find your position on Team Jesus. We’re gonna cover a lot over the course of four weeks,…

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