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The problem of evil has confronted theologians, philosophers, and leaders throughout history. So why not learn from their experience?

Download your free “If God Is Good, Why Is There Evil?” research brief today, and you’ll:

Get insights from theologians and philosophers throughout history
Explore key Biblical passages, and
Understand the origins and consequences of evil
It’s our passion to see you leading and growing God’s church with wisdom. So download your free copy of “If God Is Good, Why Is There Evil?” today. We pray it’s a blessing to you!

Every civilization and culture throughout history has tried to answer the question: How did the world begin?

It’s a deep question that needs a deep answer. That’s why the new research brief Creation: God Makes helps equip you with a deeper understanding of how the world began – and why it matters.

You’ll explore…

What the Bible teaches
What history’s best theologians have thought
What other religions and world views say about the world’s beginnings
Download your free copy today! We pray it blesses you in your ministry.

In a pluralistic world where truth is in the eye of the beholder, it’s critical for Christians to know what sets the Gospel apart – and be able to defend why it’s wholly unique and absolutely true.

That’s why the doctrine of the Trinity matters to your ministry. And it’s why we’re excited to offer you Pastor Mark’s free research brief on this central doctrine.

Download your copy of The Trinity today and discover how:

A biblical understanding of the Trinity has and still can defend against heresies in the church.
The doctrine of the Trinity reveals God’s unrivaled power to save His people.
Trinitarian doctrine distinguishes Christianity from other religions and cults like Islam, Hinduism, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the New Age Movement.
The doctrine of the Trinity invites Christians into a deeper relationship with God.
Get the insight you need as a Christian leader in this in-depth study and download your free research brief now!

Many people these days say the Bible is no more than a collection of old writings, out-of-date, out-of-style, and full of contradictions.

They couldn’t be more wrong. God’s Word isn’t just life-changing – it’s history-shaping!

That’s why it’s important for you to know how God’s Spirit brought the Bible together to create the most powerful book in the history of the world.

Download your free leader’s research brief Revelation, the Bible, and the Canon to explore the history of the Bible and get equipped to answer questions like…

How does God reveal Himself to us?
How were the 66 books of the Bible gathered together?
Isn’t the Bible full of contradictions and mistakes?
We pray Revelation, the Bible, and the Canon blesses you in your ministry!

This months’ free research brief from Mark Driscoll Ministries examines the doctrine of the image of God. Jesus died for people. Not plants. Not animals. Not spirits. Just people.


Only people bear the image of God. In this free research brief you will learn:

What the Bible says about the dignity bestowed upon people as God’s image bearers
What prominent theologians have said about the image of God through church history
Answers to common questions about the image of God
Download your free copy today. Thank you for the honor of serving you as you serve others.

“Sin is folly. No matter what images they choose, the Bible writers say this again and again. Sin is missing the target; sin is choosing the wrong target. Sin is wandering from the path or rebelling against someone too strong for us or neglecting a good inheritance. Above all, at its core, sin is offense against God. Why is it not only wrong but also foolish to offend God? God is our final good, our maker and savior, the one in whom alone our restless hearts come to rest.” -Cornelius Plantinga, Jr

This months’ free research brief from Mark Driscoll Ministries examines how sin is rebellion against God our Maker.

In this free research brief you will learn:

Helpful overview and analysis of Sin and the Fall.
Culture’s take through Movies
Other Religions and Cults on the Human Condition, Fall, and Sin

Download your free copy today. Thank you for the honor of serving you as you serve others.

The Christian story begins with creation in harmony, unity, and peace; and it ends with a restored creation. In between these two “book-ends” is the drama of redemption. And the covenants are major dimensions (or acts) of this drama. The goal is to see the work and person of Christ in light of the Old Testament and to highlight aspects that we have possibly overlooked. Christ’s work is intimately related to and fulfills each of the 5 covenants (with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David) that God initiated in the Old Testament. New dimensions are brought to light when the Christ’s covenant is understood in the context of the previous covenants. Covenants are about God’s activity and intention to redeem us, and the covenants tell us about ourselves—our condition, our brokenness, our dignity, our role as images of God, our suffering, and our calling.

This months’ free research brief from Mark Driscoll Ministries will help you understand God’s Covenants.

In this free research brief you will learn:

About the Six Major Covenants in the Bible
Hesed as God’s Covenant Love and Loyalty
A Brief History of Covenant Theology

Download your free copy today. Thank you for the honor of serving you as you serve others.

“What are the major Christian answers to the question do people who have never heard about Jesus go to hell?”

There is no simple, single, consensus-inducing answer to this question within Christianity. Everyone would make a good argument for the positions they hold, and most, if not all, would be able to find Scripture to help support their position.

You’ll explore…

Exclusivism, Inclusivism, and Pluralism
Church exclusivism and Gospel exclusivism
Special revelation exclusivism

And more!
Download your free copy today! We pray it blesses you in your ministry.

As you know, Muslims and Mormons are trapped in religions that twist the truth.

But you can be better equipped to help them find freedom in Christ — with Pastor Mark’s free research brief on Jesus in Mormonism and Islam.

Dive deep with Pastor Mark and his research team to discover surprising truths like:

Muslims often are convinced that Christ is greater than Muhammad from just reading the Quran.
Muslims are taught Jesus is the Messiah, alive in heaven now, and returning to judge the earth — but He was ‘replaced’ on the cross.
Mormons believe Jesus is the “Son of God” — but in a totally different way.
Mormons think Jesus was a polygamist who married both Mary and Martha.
Learn what you need to know as a Christian leader in this in-depth and eye-opening report…

Long before He was born, people knew that Jesus was coming. How? Prophets and writers had predicted His birth, death, and resurrection for centuries.

Get your free leader’s research brief, How Did People Know Jesus Was Coming? to explore 25 key prophecies about who the Messiah was – and how Jesus fulfilled them all.

You’ll see clearly how God’s plan to bring humanity into a relationship with Himself depends on Jesus.

Download your leader’s research brief and explore…

A timeline that shows how the prophecies fit together
Key Scriptures that contain each promise
How Jesus fulfilled those prophecies centuries, even millennia, later

These days, it’s normal to “live and let live.” But what does it mean to be a tolerant Christian leader in the church in today’s society?

If God calls you to be salt and light, you can’t just ignore immoral behavior. So how should you speak up, knowing you might get an intolerant response?

A new research brief from Pastor Mark and his research team – Should Christians be Tolerant? – explains the philosophy of tolerance, its limits, and paradoxes – and how it fits with God’s command to be His people in a broken world.


A Christian worldview and ethics
The limits and paradoxes of tolerance
Tolerance and intolerance in the United States
So download your free research brief today, and get equipped to lead on this difficult issue.

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A recent Pew Research Center survey said that 41% of Americans favor legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Support for legalization is especially high among 18-29 year olds, with nearly 60% in favor. And 1 in 4 evangelicals support removing restrictions on the drug.

So with support so high, it’s important leaders like you are ready to answer questions people have about marijuana. That’s why we want you to have a free copy of the Marijuana Research Brief.

This brief contains the facts you need about medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, and various viewpoints on whether or not Christians have the freedom to use it.

Download you free copy now – and get the facts you need about marijuana.