Research Briefs

These research briefs are a gift from RealFaith Ministries to ministry leaders and pastors like you. It was prepared for me a few years ago by a professional research team. Now exclusively available online as our honor to help you lead and feed God’s people.

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1st John Study Guide

This content is an example of content sent out to our Leader Equipping list on a monthly basis. If you would like the newest … Read more

25 Prophecies that Confirm Jesus is the Messiah

Long before He was born, people knew that Jesus was coming. How? Prophets and writers had predicted His birth, death, and resurrection for centuries. … Read more

Christian Sexuality

How often do married Christian couples have sex? Do they masturbate? And are their marriages really as healthy as they claim they are? In … Read more


It’s a deep question that needs a deep answer. That’s why the new research brief Creation: God Makes helps equip you with a deeper … Read more

Death and Resurrection of Jesus

The death and resurrection of Jesus is the focal point of human history and the very heart of the Christian faith. Dive into the … Read more

Do people who have never heard about Jesus go to hell?

“What are the major Christian answers to the question do people who have never heard about Jesus go to hell?” There is no simple, … Read more

If God is good, why is there evil?

The problem of evil has confronted theologians, philosophers, and leaders throughout history. So why not learn from their experience? Download your free “If God … Read more

Imago Dei

This months’ free research brief from Mark Driscoll Ministries examines the doctrine of the image of God. Jesus died for people. Not plants. Not animals. … Read more

Jesus in Mormonism & Islam

As you know, Muslims and Mormons are trapped in religions that twist the truth. But you can be better equipped to help them find … Read more

Jonah Resources

Thank you for signing up for the Leaders List and your interest in downloading your copy of the Jonah resources below. My prayer is that … Read more


A recent Pew Research Center survey said that 41% of Americans favor legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Support for legalization is especially high among … Read more

Revelation, the Bible, and the Canon

Many people these days say the Bible is no more than a collection of old writings, out-of-date, out-of-style, and full of contradictions. They couldn’t … Read more

Should Christians be tolerant?

These days, it’s normal to “live and let live.” But what does it mean to be a tolerant Christian leader in the church in … Read more

Sin and the Fall

“Sin is folly. No matter what images they choose, the Bible writers say this again and again. Sin is missing the target; sin is … Read more

Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments are a foundation stone of God’s Word. Even today, they are one of the most well-recognized and quoted parts of Scripture. … Read more

The Trinity

In a pluralistic world where truth is in the eye of the beholder, it’s critical for Christians to know what sets the Gospel apart … Read more

Understanding God’s Covenants

The Christian story begins with creation in harmony, unity, and peace; and it ends with a restored creation. In between these two “book-ends” is … Read more