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-1 Ki. 3 – God granted Solomon 1 wish = asked for wisdom -God so pleased gave it, along with long life, honor, incredible wealth THESIS: Men, especially young men, have more information/education & less wisdom = Unprepared. Uncertain. Unskilled….

-Like Father, like son  -What is true with our physical fathers is true with our spiritual father  God and Satan are Fathers with Sons 1 John 3:10 it is evident who are the children of God, and who are the…

We build men up to bless women and children. Live @ Trinity Church – one place cannot be banned. PRAY Global: What is a woman documentary Matt Walsh??? What is a man?? Personal: Pastor friend kindergarten dad rainbow spectrum…

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– All right, this is pastor Mark here welcoming you to join me for Real Men Wednesday Nights live here at Trinity Church in Scottsdale or online at We’ll try and post it elsewhere, but they’re gonna ban me…

– You guys night out. Welcome to it. You guys glad to be here. What a great group. So good to see you guys so glad to be with you. If you’re new or joining us online. My name is…

– Man it’s an honor to have you. It really means the world to me, I’m here every week, for the most part because you guys matter. You matter, your life matters, your job matters, your wife matters, your kids…

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