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-FATHER: Jesus Revolutionary Word – 65X Matt-Lk; 100+X John -God – Father             XN’s – sons/children of God Father -BIBLE: “father” 1600+ 1200+ men named (many fathers) = 2800 31,102 verses = 9% What is covenant marriage and family?  Malachi 2:10,13-15…

Christian marriage =1 man and 1 woman in a consummated covenant NOT gay marriage.                 NOT polygamy.                       NOT cohabitation. Success Sequence slide (Bradford Wilcox) Millennials (born 1981-1996) – largest, most diverse, most educated generation record 55% having children before marriage…

Would never move family into a home that was not architected & inspected Most budgets & schedules not architected & inspected Vision retreat started w/vacation drive home (work in vs on life) What is a steward? God is the owner….

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– You guys night out. Welcome to it. You guys glad to be here. What a great group. So good to see you guys so glad to be with you. If you’re new or joining us online. My name is…

– Man it’s an honor to have you. It really means the world to me, I’m here every week, for the most part because you guys matter. You matter, your life matters, your job matters, your wife matters, your kids…

Links in the Chain of Faith – Howdy, Pastor Mark here with Real Men, and this week, something a little different. Doing a little prerecord. Kids are on spring break, so I’m gonna go get a little bit of family…

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