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Interview with Alexie and Gideon Driscoll

During the Real Faith Live show, Pastor Eden recently sat down with Alexie and Gideon Driscoll to talk about family dinners and more.

Real Mom

Godly women, wife, mother, friend series Discipline is painful and peaceful First of all, I am not writing on the topic of being a … Read more

Ask Pastor Mark

Got a leadership question? Go ahead and submit a question and watch my responses to other peoples’ questions here.

The World’s Biggest Religion is Sex

The BIGGEST religion in the world is not Christianity… It’s sex.

Abortion Doesn’t Only Have One Victim

Abortion doesn’t only have one victim; it has two.The reality of abortion is horrifying; do your research on what abortion ACTUALLY entails.

When Does Human Life Begin?

In light of current events with the overturn of Roe v. Wade, Pastor Mark answer’s the question, “When Does Human Life Begin?”